Mikuni Carburetor Rebuild


Filed Under (Mikuni) by admin on 31-10-2010

1.1 (Below) First note the position of both your high and low speed screws (some models also have a midrange screw). Use a screwdriver to lightly set the screw, noting how many turns in it takes. NOTE: Some Sea-Doos may be seated fully (zero turns) to begin with; do not force the screws. After noting the screw positions, remove the screws. 1.2 Remove the center screw, fuel inlet and o-ring. 1.3 (Below) Remove the six screws securing the pump cover and remove it. 1.4 (Below) Remove the check valve diaphragm. 1.5 (Below) Remove the pump body. 1.6 (Below) Remove the regulator cover and clean the gasket off from it.

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