Performance Starts Here RACING CARBURETORS


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Mikuni RS Series Radial Flat Slide carburetors represent the first ever aftermarket true high performance carbs offered to the racing public. Designated the RS for radial slide design, these carbs feature such innovations as: large 34, 36 or 38mm smoothbores, excellent throttle response and streetability, adjustable accelerator pump system, lighter more compact design, quick change needle clip, cam-lock carb synchronizing, horsepower improvement of 25% to 30% and competition priced. • Starter System: Provides fuel enrichment for cold engine starting. • Accelerator Pump Adjust Screws: Sets on and off operation of accelerator pump in relation to throttle slide position. • Adjustable Accelerator Pump: Squirts fuel into carburetor venturi when throttle is opened to improve engine response. • Idle Adjustment Screw: Controls engine idle speed. • Throttle Return Spring: A choice of positioning pegs allows adjustment of spring tension. • Genuine Mikuni Jets: Provide for precise fuel metering. • Pilot Air Jet: in conjunction with the Pilot Fuel Screw for tuning of mixture at idle to 1/4 throttle. • Float Bowl Vent: Allows atmospheric pressure into float bowl for fuel flow. • Smooth Throttle Bore/Venturi: Produces the optimum air and fuel mixture flow at all RPMs. • Jet Needle Clip: Has easy adjustment feature for quick tuning. • Accelerator Pump Spray Nozzle: Shoots fuel directly into the intake tract for immediate engine response. • Flat Throttle Valve Design: Provides the strongest signal for precise and instantaneous throttle response

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