Piaggio 250 Installation And Removal Manual


Filed Under (Piaggio) by admin on 28-10-2010

1. Secure scooter inastableupright position. 2. Attach bracket E to underside of scooter frame -Forward cross brace on E attaches to existing holes on underside of scooter frame. Secure bracket E with new bolts provided. -Ensure bracket E is square with scooter and locate two rear holes on bracket E . Two rear holes on E will align with scooter frame rear cross brace. Drill 3/8 inch holes incross brace to align with rear holes on bracket E . Attach with bolts provided. 3. Attach top of bracket C (left) / D (right) to outside of rear shock mount using new bolt provided. NOTE: A shorter bracket Dis included and required on some MP3250 models. 4. Attach axles and wheels to MiniTrikeframe and orient frame in position behind scooter. 5. Attach bottom of C/D to rear mounting plate on Mini Trike frame

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