PIAGGIO Power Program with SIP Stainless Steel Joint Pipe Installation Manual


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First, loosen and remove both screws between joint pipe and exhaust. Then, remove the other two upper screws, as in illustration 2, between cylinder and joint pipe. This may be a little difficult to reach. For additional ease removing screws, raise up motor frame with a crowbar or chisel. Now, remove old joint pipe and replace with SIP stainless steel pipe. Don’t forget to replace old gaskets with new gaskets, included in delivery. Join us in the SIP Article Forum for further handy tips and tricks from those in the know at www.sip-scootershop.com Turn down screws bit by bit, one after another, to ensure balanced fit, making sure to loosen muffler screws shortly. If you should have difficulty getting a good fit, here’s a tip: drill longer holes on exhaust flange to get better adjustment. Finito; put away the tools and take a test drive

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