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Fit the stand using the M8x18 screw to fasten it and the spring provided (photo 1 6). A DANGER! We suggest you to remove the stand during competitions as it could be dangerous and bruising. 18- Fit the gear lever l~hoto 171. 19- Fill the fuel tank (See section 4.13). 20- Check the engine oil level (See section 4.3). INTRODUCTION Always ensure that the motorcycle has been efficiently serviced and check it over before riding it. Take your motorcycle to an authorised POIJNI MOTOR1 dealer for all maior servicing and repair. Because of the manufacturer’s policy OF continuous development, and because of constant innovations in technology, your motorcycle may differ in some details from that described in the illustrations and text in this manual. Original POLlNl MOTOR1 spare parts are always made from the same materials and in the same way as the parts originally fitted to your minicross motorcycle. Always insist on original POIJNI MOTOR1 spore parts. Their use ensures a longer life and improved efficiency for your motorcycle. 2. STARTING THE ENGINE FOR THE FIRST TIME Always check over your motorcycle thoroughly before starting the engine. To start the engine for the first time, as instructed below. 1 – Turn the fuel tap located under the fuel tank to #ON” position (photo 18) Run your new motorcycle in as instructed How to ensure that the engine and transmission bed in correctly and to ensure continuous reliability in Future. A CAUTION! The first time yw ride your new motorcycle, ride for about two hours at low engine speeds to ensure that it runs in correctly. Also respect the following precautions. 2- Once the engine starts, leave it idle until it warms up to normal temperature. If you switch the engine off for a short time, wait for it to cool down completely before you re-start it. – 3- During the running in period, always ride at constant 2- Before starting the engine put the gear in neutral position speeds. AVOID RAPID ACCELERATION. (photo 19, gear N). 4- Even when riding at low engine speeds, avoid extended A WARNING! IF the gear position is not neutral the bike could move when started. 3- If the engine is cold, lift the choke lever on the carburettor (photo 20). A WARNING! Lower the starter lever again as won as the engine starts to warm up. 4- Leove the throttle closed. Pivot the kick-start lever out wards and push energetically downwards with your foot to start the engine. 5- Return the kick-start lever to its rest position. Leave the engine idle for a few minutes to warm it up. A WARNING! Check that the engine stop button stops the engine effectively before yw begin riding the motorcycle. difficult sections of road or Lck that could cause the engine to become very hot. 5- Once you have run in your motorcycle following all these instructions, take it to a Polini Motori dealer for its post- running-in service. Apart from a change of spark plug and engine oil, this service also includes the disassembly

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