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The following instructions give the most practical order for assembling the various parts of your motorcycle. 1- Remove the motorcycle from the crate (photo 1). 2- Remove all the parts needed to reassemble the motorcycle from the crate and check them thoroughly (photo 2). WASHER 6X18X1 No. 4 PLASTIC TIE No. 1 FRONT WHEEL SPINDLE No. 1 WHEEL SPINDLE SPACER No. 1 M12 WHEEL SPINDLE NUT No. 1 FOOTREST SPRING No. 2 TCEI SCREW M8X40 No. 2 TB SCREW M6X16 No. 4 TBEI SCREW M6X40 No. 1 NUMBER PLATE No. 1 NUMBER PLATE SPACER No. 1 RIGHT FOOTREST No. 1 LEFT FOOT REST No. 1 M8 SELF-LOCKING NUT No. 2 TCEI SCREW M8X75 No. 4 HANDLEBAR CLAMP No. 2 HANDLEBAR CLAMP SPACER No. 4 HANDLEBAR WITH FOAM ROLLNo. 1 FRONT WHEEL WITH DISK No. 1 FRONT MUDGUARD No. 1 3- Fit the rear shock-absorber, using the M10 hexagonal head screw and the two washers with the M10 nut. Fit one of the washers at the bolt side and the other at the nut side. The nut, bolt, spacers and washers have been pre-fitted in their seats on the swinging arm (photos 3). 4- Open the front brake disk pads. 5- Fit the front wheel using the special spindle; fit the spacer on the disk side of the wheel 6- Insert the spindle and the nut and tighten with a torque wrench (See section 6.2 ) (photo n.4). 1 2 3 XP65R_instructions.qxd 5-09-2007 10:45 Pagina 3
7- Tighten the spindle locking bolt with a torque wrench (See section 6.2 ) (photo 5). 8- Inflate the front and rear tyres (See section 4.12 ). 9- Fit the front mudguard with the provided 4 screws and the TBM6X16 washers (photo 6). 10- Cut the transport tie securing the front brake master cylinder. Fit the handlebar and fix it to the top fork with the two handlebar clamps and the four Allen bolts M8X75 (See section 6.2 ) (photo 7). 11- Regulate the front fork height as per photo No. 8 (see section 6.2 for tightening torque) ATTENTION! For safety reasons the front fork must be extracted within notch No. 4 (minimum) and No. 5 (maximum) (photo No. 8). 12- Remove the throttle control cover and fit the cable as shown in photo 9. Re-fit the cover. (See section 4.9 ). 13- Fit the front brake lever and secure the clamp with the provided screws 14- Fit the engine stop button and fix it to the handlebar with its mounting clamp 15- Fit the clutch lever and adjust the travel of the lever as you prefer using the regulator (photo 10) (See section 4.11 ). Fit the number plate fixing it with the related spacers and screw TBEI M6X40 and insert the front brake cable in the slide. 16- Fit the footrests (photo 11) 17- Fill the engine coolant circuit (See sections 4.5 and 4.6 ) (photo 12)

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