XR 600 Dual Sport Kit Installation Manual


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1. Get a degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. (Just kidding!) 2. Remove the side panels, seat, and gas tank. 3. Unplug the headlight and taillight from the stock wiring and remove. 4. Locate the AC voltage regulator mounted on the left side of the frame backbone, (Fig.1) unplug from wiring harness, and remove the regulator. This regulator is located above the air box on ’87 and earlier XR 600′s and 500′s. AC Regulator (Remove) Pulsar Coil Alternator (Stator) Wiring Alternator (Stator) Contains both exciter coil and lighting coils Figure 1: If you are colorblind or even think you might be a little color blind, now is the time to get someone to assist you. Successful installation of the kit requires good color recognition. You want to go riding this weekend, don’t you? 5. A three wire group consisting of a black/red wire, a green wire, and a white/yellow wire (may appear light gray/yellow) are the output leads from the stator. 1990 and earlier models only have two wires coming up from the alternator, a black/red wire and a blue wire. On 1991 – 1999 XR 600′s, unplug the green wire and the white/yellow wire. (This should have already been done 3 when you removed the voltage regulator in Step 4.) On 1990 and earlier XR 600′s see the Stator Modification Instructions enclosed. 6. Temporarily disconnect the black/red wire and remove the rubber boot that shields the wire bundle. Reconnect the black/red wire making sure that it plugs in tightly, as this lead is responsible for powering the bike’s ignition. 7. Voltage Regulator Installation: The voltage regulator/rectifier mounts to the top right rear corner of the air box (Photo 1). Use the template provided to determine the location at which to drill the two 1/4 inch mounting holes in the air box lid. The outside edge of the regulator should be nearly flush with the outside edge of the air box when mounted properly.

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