Ridley Auto-Glide Installation Manual


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Place motorcycle in a secure upright position 2) Remove saddle bags (if applicable) 3) Remove rear fender mounting bolts (3 each side) 4) Tap indicated rear fender mounting holes with a 3/8″ – 16 tap. (2 holes each side) It is highly recommended that cutting/tap oil is used. Use care when tapping holes. Be certain to tap holes completely through. 5) Ensure 2 large attachment bolts are tight. 6) Attach Bracket C (left) and Bracket D (right) to rear fender rail. Use new bolts provided on outer tapped holes (2) and one of the longer original bolts for center hole. Place one washer between brackets C & D and rear fender rail on each bolt. (3 each side) Place washer and thin nut on inside of rear fender on new bolts (2 each side) These replace original fender washers. It may be necessary to reattach saddle bag attachment hardware when attaching brackets C and D. All saddle bag hardware should be attached to the OUTSIDE of brackets C and D. 7) Attach front of Bracket A (left) and B (right) to existing hole in motorcycle frame just above swing arm pivot. 8) Attach rear of bracket A (left) B (right) to TOP of forward hitch arms. Snug bracket A and B attachment bolts at this time. 10) Attach top of Bracket E (left) and F (right) to outside of lower tabs on bracket C & D. 11) Attach bottom of brackets E and F to top of rear hitch plate. 12) Tighten bolts at this time. Use caution not to over tighten and strip tapped holes in rear fender rail. Bracket Identification

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