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1.Remove the transmission cover and inspect the belt for wear, damage, or breaks. 2.Fraying on sides of belt is considered normal. 3.To replace the belt, remove the clutches and remove the old belt. Install new belt onto clutches and simultaneously install the clutches. Refer to “Clutches” for more detailed information. CLUTCHES: Tools Needed for Service: Transmission Removal A1.) Remove the bolts holding on the transmission cover with a 6mm Allen Wrench and remove the cover away from the motorcycle. Refer to bolt #11 in Figure 3. •6mm Allen Wrench •Torque Wrench •5/16 Allen Wrench •1-1/8″ Socket Wrench •Chisel •Hammer Figure 3
A2.) Bend the tab on the driven washer with a chisel. Remove both the bolt and nut holding the clutches onto the transmission as well as the washers. Refer to numbers 5,6,8 and 9 in Figure 3. Number 9 is for the drive and number 6 is for the driven. Use a 5/16 Allen for the bolt and a 1-1/8 socket wrench for the nut. A3.) Remove the drive and driven at the same time. Remove the belt from the clutches. Refer to number 3 in Figure 3. Drive Clutch Service B1.) Remove the clutch cover by bending down the tabs and removing the bolts. Refer to Figure 4. B2.) Remove the snap ring using a pair of snap-ring pliers. See Figure 5. *NOTE: Make sure to use caution when removing the snap ring. The snap ring can “spring” off during removal and can cause damage to the eyes if not careful.

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