Rokon Illustrated Repair Procedures and Parts Manual


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Front and Rear Brake. Check brake action. Check pucks to see that they are not over worn. There should be visible brake material on both sides of the brake disc. See Section 6. Fuel Tank. Check fuel level. Fill as necessary. Use super unleaded for altitudes above 10,000 ft. Engine Oil. The engine holds .6 qt. of SAE10W30/40 motor oil. Fill to the dipstick “full” line. Miter Box and Transmission. They are filled at the factory and need not be checked at the start. The miter box should have 2.5 oz. of EP 80W90 gear lube oil. The transmission takes 6 oz. of EP 80W90 gear lube oil. The transmission has a fill to plug near the bottom of the transmission( shown on page 46). There is no fill level for the miter box. Over filling of either the miter box or transmission will result in leakage. Throttle. Check for proper throttle cable operation. Look for smooth response to twist action. Wheels and Tires. Check Tire pressure, wear and damage. Fittings and Fasteners. Check all fittings and fasteners. Drive Chains. Check chains for tension and lubrication. Adjust tension for 1/2″ – 3/4″ deflection at mid point. Engine Manual. Read your engine manual completely and follow all instructions Periodic Maintenance and Adjustment 1. Inspect all fasteners for tightness. 2. The drive chains require adjustment at intervals, depending on the mileage and the care which the operator has given the chains. Initial wear must be taken up by adjustment after the first few hours of use. Total deflection should be 1/2″ to 3/4″ when measured midway between the two sprockets of the most loose position. To adjust the chains, loosen the axle bolts and the adjusting bolt lock nuts, and turn the adjusting bolts equally in or out as required to give the chain the proper setting. After adjusting the chain, rotate the wheel and check to make sure the chain is aligned properly. Periodically, the chains should be removed from the machine and cleaned in solvent and re-lubricated. They should be lubricated with one of the chain lubricants on the market which can be applied to the chain in a liquid form and will penetrate to the inner parts of the rollers. 3. Clean the air filter based on use. See Engine Manual. 4. Use normal repair procedures for tires and tubes. Re-seat the tire beads with 40 PSI , then deflate to the 3 -5 PSI operating pressure.

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