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1998 BMW R1100RT LCD Temperature Gauge Scale Calibration LCD Fuel Gauge Calibration Fuel Sender Testing and Cleaning


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Oil Temperature and Gauge 2.1. Introduction My 1998 BMW R1100RT came with an LCD temperature gauge that shows horizontal black bars in a vertical motif, to indicate temperature. This is difficult to interpret at speed (how many bars are exposed?) and does not actually tell me what the oil temperature is. 2.2. Normal Operation The bike seems to run at 5 or six bars under normal conditions. It appears that the oil thermostat for the cooler is set to ’5 bars’. 2.3. Over Heating The LCD panel indicates that 8 bars is the maximum normal operating temperature. It would be useful to know what the actual temperature is. Modern oils have a normal operating temperature of approximately 110 degrees Celsius and will not show any serious degradationii at this temperature. The maximum sustained operating temperature (at the bearing surface) is approximately 130 degrees Celsius for any oil formulated in the past 5 years and some high performance synthetics will not appreciably degrade even at this temperature. However, the degradation curve is a polynomial and degradation will increase rapidly with increasing temperature. According to the oil’s formulation (pure synthetics will show the least increase with temperature), by approximately 160 degrees Celsius (or about 300 degrees Fahrenheit), oil degradation can be up to 10 times faster then at 110 Deg. C. 2.4. Scale To fix the ‘number of bars’ problem, I determined that an overlay with numbers would be the best idea. 2.4.1. Addendum The number scale became too much to maintain. Rather than this, I cut a mm or so wide stripe out of the self sticking stripping meant for the side of a car. Using a red material, I put it through the middle of the fifth bar of both the temperature and fuel display. The stripe is slightly smaller than the thickness of the bar. This allows me to tell when I am at normal operating temperature and when approximately half a tank is used

1998 Honda Shadow Aero Specifications And Review


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can fix it – let us help. The color combo that would have been featured here, had we not got rained on. As light as the morning precipitation was, a rainsuit seemed silly, and surely jeans and a leather jacket would be enough. However, at the crest of the peninsula, El Nino let his wrath be felt. A full-on downpour of Florida- like proportions dropped from the sky, without the benefit of gulf-stream warmth. Suddenly, wearing geeky-looking Gore-Tex seemed like a very good idea. Riding through six inch deep floodwaters at about 15 mph, the Aero kept a very even keel. The floorboards (first ever on a Honda) kept the feet drier than they would have been otherwise. After a brief stop at a military museum, we headed back to Honda’s HQ for a van ride to lunch at Hollywood’s House of Blues. Detail 101: Witness the huge chrome headlight/speedo assembly, with matching idiot lights set into the triple clamp. We couldn’t form much of a riding impression from our rain-soaked 30 mile jaunt, but we liked what we found. If you’re a big fan of the ACE 750, you’ll be a big fan of the Aero. Although the styling is not ground-breaking, it isn’t a carbon copy of you-know-who (hint: They’re based out of Milwaukee). The detail on the Aero is beautiful, with tasteful chrome accents and well-finished pieces. We hope to get the big 1100 back for a full test against Suzuki’s new Intruder 1500LC, Harley’s new Road King Classic, and all the other cruiser big boys some time this spring, after El Nino goes away … Manufacturer: Honda Model: 1998 Shadow Aero Price (two-tone): $9,995.00 Engine: liquid-cooled 45 degree V-twin, single crank pin Bore and Stroke: 87.5 x 91.4mm Displacement: 1099cc Carburetion: Two 36mm CV Transmission: 5 speed Wheelbase: 66.1 in Seat Height: 28.5 in Fuel Capacity: 4.2 gal with .8 gal reserve Claimed Dry Weight: 623 lbs

HONDA CR250R Owner’s Manual


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l. CONTROLS( 1 ) Frontbralte tever (2) Throttle grip ( 3 ) Engine stop switch When shutting off engine, press in the  engine stop switch button. (4 ) Rear brake pedal ( 5 I Kickstarter pedal ( 6 } Clutch lever (1′) Fuel tank filler cap ( 8) Gear change pedal The transmission has S speeds. Depress the pedal to Shift into [st gear. Raise the pedal to shift into 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. Neutral is located between 1st and 2nd.  9 ) Fuel mixture enrichment l-mob When starting a cold engne, raise the fuel mixture knob and fully depress the kickstarter pedal. (10) Fuel valve When the fuel valve is turned to "OFF", fuel cannot Flow from the fuel tank to the carburetor. When the fuel valve is turned to “ON”, fuel will flow from the tank to the carburetor. (1 1] Rear shock absorber adjuster The rear shock absorber springs have three settings for precise adjustment of the rear suspension to suit riding conditions and differences in rider weight. Page 6 2 l. OPERATING \- Fig. l—2 (1) Fuel tank -  2. FUEL The Honda CRZSUR ELSINORE has a two-stroke engine that requires a gasoline-oil mixture. The capacity of the “fuel tank is 8.59 (2.2 US gal. 1.9 Imp. gal). I Any automotive gasoline with :1 pump octane number of 86 or higher. or research octane number of9i or higher‘ may he used. If “l ofgasoline or a higher octane grade. USE HONDA 2-STROKE INJECTOR OIL OR EQUIVALENT. I Premix gasoline and oil in a ratio of   20:1 Prepare the fuel mixture in a clean container, and shake until thoroughly mixed before Flling the fuel tank. i Too much oil will muse excessive smoking and spark plug fouling. Too little oil will cause engine damage or premature wear. Mix fuel in a ratio of 20 parts gasoline to 1 part oil. I Vegetable oils separate from gasoline more easily than mineral oils, especially in cold weather. It is advisable to use mineral oil when ambient temperatures of below 0°C (32°F) are expected. I If the gasoline-oil mixture is left standing in a container for a long period of time, lubricity will deteriorate. Use the mixture within 24 hours. I Once an oil container is opened, the oil must be used within one month, since oxidation may occur. Do not mix vegetable and mineral oils. Gasoline is flammable and explosive under certain conditions. Always stop the engine and do not smoke or allow open flames or sparks near the motorcycle when refueling



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The car body is protected with 6mm Armox 500T ballistic steel, cut and shaped to fit the cabin interior. Armox 500T is also used for overlap and door edges. Floor section is protected with 4mm. Armox T500. Roof section is protected FB6 45° impact angle with 4mm Armox T500. Gasoline tank is protected with 4mm ARMOX 500T. Weight armouring is calculated to aprx. 1.000 kgs. As option, the vertical sides of the car cabin can be covered with an add-on spall-liner with 8×0,30 layers of Aramid Panels, as spall liner, to meet IED’s and fragments (see option section)

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