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Occupant Classification System (OCS) that will enable or disable the passenger front and side airbags based on occupancy, passenger weight and seat belt latch position. Passenger front and side airbags will automatically be disabled for children and small adults when weight on the seat is less than approximately 80 lbs. (36 kg). This system will clearly indicate that the passenger airbags are enabled “ON” or disabled “OFF.” Early production models of the 2004 Solara were built with an amber-colored PASSENGER AIRBAG light. To better differentiate the PASSENGER AIRBAG light from warning lights, it has been changed to white in color. This color change does not have any effect on the meaning or operation of the light. This light remains on at all times with the key in the ON position. In the event of an OCS malfunction, both the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) warning light and passenger airbag “OFF” indicator lights will illuminate. After finding SRS code B1650 on Camry and Solara vehicles, or a B1150 on Highlander vehicles, the next step is to check codes in the OCCUPANT DETECT menu on the Diagnostic Tester. Take necessary steps to diagnose the root cause of the OCS DTC code BEFORE initializing the system

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