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Bajaj Removing And refitting Automatic Cam Chain Tensioner


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1. Remove the 2 Flanged Bolts securing the Tensioner Assembly. 2. Remove Tensioner Assembly from the engine block. 3. Unscrew and remove Lock Bolt. 4. Remove Pushrod, Ball & Retainer, Spring and “O” ring. Clean parts thoroughly and apply grease to the Balls & Retainer. Re-assembly procedure : 1. Place Spring on Pushrod and compress the spring beyond the hole in the Pushrod. 2. Insert a pin or wire into the hole in the Pushrod to hold the Spring in its’ compressed position. 3. Place Balls & Retainer onto Pushrod. 4. Insert Pushrod into the Tensioner body with the small flat on the Pushrod facing, and aligned with, the Locking Bolt hole. 5. Insert the Locking Bolt and tighten it against the small flat on the Pushrod to lock the Pushrod in the compressed position. Remove the pin that’s holding the Spring compressed. 6. Install the Tensioner assembly onto the cylinder block and install and tighten both Flanged Bolts. Be sure that the “O” ring has been installed at the base of the flange. 7.Looosen the Lock Bolt to release the Pushrod, then re-tighten the lock bolt

WAAREE A -1 4 T20W40 OIL 4 stoke Motorcycle Engine Oil


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APPLICATION •Designed for all high power 4 Stroke Motorcycle & Scooters •Recommended for use in 4 Stroke Motorcycles & Scooters of Hero Honda, Bajaj, TVS, Yamaha, Suzuki, LML & all other makes where OEM is recommending 20w40 Oil. BENEFITS •Excellent heat resistance capability to ensure more power for greater pick up •Excellent Enginecleanliness, outstandingthermal & oxidation stability to help fight deposit formation leading to longer drain intervals and excellent fuel efficiency. •Excellent Valve Train Wear Performance & High Temperature characteristics ensuring longer engine life •Excellent formulation to handle the different requirements of three critical zones of 4 stroke Motorcycle engines , Gear and Clutch. PERFORMANCE STANDARD •API SM*(*VTW ONLY) •JASO-MA2 TYPICAL PRODUCT DATA CHARACTERISTICS WAAREE A1 4T 20W40 KV, cSt @ 1000C 14.80 VI , min 115 Flash Point (COC) c0Min 236 TBN mg KOH/g Min 7.40 Pour Point 0 C Max -21 (These are typical figures and do not constitute a specification