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Chapter 7: Mechanic Certification Requirements Page 4 7-2.2 Heavy-duty Truck Certification Categories. The Heavy-duty Truck Repair categories requiring mechanic certification to repair vehicles over 10,000 pounds G.V.W. are: a) Engine Repair, Gasoline; b) Engine Repair, Diesel; c) Drive Trains; d) Brakes and Braking Systems; e) Suspension and Steering Systems; f) Electrical Systems; g) Collision-Related Mechanical Repair. 7-2.3 Other On-road Vehicle Certification Categories. Repair categories for other on-road vehicles that require mechanic certification to perform repairs are: a) Motorcycle; b) Recreational Trailer. Automobile and Light Truck Certification Categories. The repair categories requiring mechanic certification to repair vehicles under 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight (G.V.W.) are: a) Engine Repair; b) Engine Tune-up/Performance; c) Front End, Suspension and Steering Systems; d) Brakes and Braking Systems; e) Automatic Transmission; f) Manual Transmission, Front and Rear Drive Axles; g) Electrical Systems; h) Heating and Air Conditioning; i) Collision-Related Mechanical Repair; j) Unitized Body Structural Repair; k) Pre-1973 Vehicle Repair

WILDFIRE WFH50-S2 Gas Scooter Owner’s Manual


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Main Switches On Position: • Electrical circuits are switched on. The engine can be started and the key can not be removed. • Do not leave the main switch in the on position for an extended period of time if the engine is not running Off Position: • All electrical circuits are off and the engine is stopped. The key can be removed in this position. Steering Lock Position: • Turn the handlebars to the left as far as they will turn, turn the key to the lock position and remove. Steering Lock Position On Position Off Position Wildfire WFH50-S2 Maintenance Table The X indicates at how many miles you need to check the Item. Must change oil: change before riding, again at 500 miles and then 2500 or yearly which ever comes first. Capacities Fuel Capacity: 1 gallon Final drive oil capacity: 3.5 ounces Tire air pressure: Front 28 psi and rear 32 psi. ITEM 500 1000 20002500 3500 40004500 5000 60006500 Check Daily Engine Oil and Filter X X X X X X Gear Oil X X X X Valve Clearance X X Cam Chain X X Carburetor X X Air Cleaner Clean Every 1500 miles, Replace Every 3500 miles Fuel Filter Clean Every 1000 miles, Replace if Necessary Brake System X X X X X X X Drive Belt X Screws and Nuts X X X X X *When riding in a dusty environment, check and clean the air filter element more often. Battery • This scooter uses a sealed lead acid battery, it is unnecessary to check or add liquid. NOTE: Never open the electrolyte of a sealed battery. Remove the battery from the scooter and store separately in a well ventilated area when the scooter is not in operation for long periods of time Speedometer • Speed is measured in mph. Odometer • The total riding distance is indicated. Fuel gauge • The gauge indicates how much fuel is in the tank (the gauge does not work when the ignition switch is off). The needle moves from full “F” to empty “E” as your fuel decreases. Fill the tank with a good grade of 89-90 octane unleaded gasoline. High Beam Indicator LIght • The high beam light indicates that the high beam headlight is in use. NOTE: Apply the low beam to avoid obstructing the view of other drivers. Turn Signal Indication Light • The turn signals indicate that you are turning a chosen direction, push the button in the desired turning direction, it will return to the center, press the button in to turn off. Speedometer Odometer Turn Signal Indication Light High Beam Indication Light Fuel Gauge 4 General Safety Precaution • Scooters can be hazardous to operate. Please operate it with the following safety instruction. If you fail to take proper precautions, a collision or fall may quickly occur. If you have any questions as to the operating condition of your scooter, turn off the engine and walk your scooter. These scooters should be ridden by persons with good vision, balance, coordination, reflex, strength and decision making capability. • Please read this manual and all safety labels carefully, and follow correct operating procedures. • Before each time you ride make sure that the brakes work properly. • Never operate your scooter without wearing proper safety equipment that includes helmet, shoes, etc… • Never operate your scooter under influence of alcohol or drugs. • Always ride with both hands on the handle bars. • Never operate at excessive speeds. Proper speed is determined by terrain, visibility, operating condition and experience. • Never attempt wheelies, jumps or other stunts. • Always inspect your scooter prior to each use to make sure all bolts are tight, and is in safe operating condition.



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INSUFFICIENT TURBOCHARGING PRESSURE Check turbocharging pressure (See page EM-6). If not within the  standard shown below, begin diagnosis from item 2. Standard pressure: 0.41 – 0.54 kg/cm2 (5.8 – 7.7 psi, 40 – 53 kPal RESTRICTED INTAKE AIR SYSTEM Check intake air system, and repair or replace parts as necessary. (See page EM-6)
3. LEAK IN INTAKE AIR SYSTEM Check intake air system, and repair or replace parts as necessary. (See page EM-6)
4. RESTRICTED EXHAUST SYSTEM Check exhaust system, and repair or replace parts as necessary, (See page EM-6)
5. LEAK IN EXHAUST SYSTEM Check exhaust system, and repair or replace

2002-2003 Honda GL1800/ A Frame Weld REPAIR PROCEDURE OVERVIEW


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If your inspection identifies a crack or cracks in or on either Left or Right lower crossmember frame welds, STOP – call your DSM or TechLine for further instructions. • If your inspection reveals no cracks, proceed to REPAIR PROCEDURE. NOTE: Verification of repair can also be found in the Dealer Responsibility Report and on the Honda Interactive Network (iN). If you have any questions about verification, please contact TechLine before proceeding. IMPORTANT: For complete Dealer and Welder Repair procedures, refer to the following items: • 2002-2003 GL1800/A Frame Weld Safety Recall Dealer Booklet (S0510) • Frame Weld Inspection Chart (S0513) You MUST provide your TIG welder with the following items: • 2002-2003 GL1800/A Frame Weld Safety Recall Welding Manual (S0511) • Welding Template Box (S0512) All of the above items were shipped to you with this Service Bulletin. If you need additional copies of the Dealer Booklet , Welding Manual , Welding Template Box , or Frame Weld Inspection Chart , you may order them at no cost from DDS at (440) 572-0725. For your reference, a brief repair procedure overview is provided below. Disassembly Overview You will be removing the following components from the vehicle as instructed in the Dealer Booklet : • Handlebar weights • Rear view mirrors • Swingarm pivot covers • Rider foot pegs • Seat • Side covers/Engine side covers • Fairing pockets • Fairing molding • Meter panel • Top shelter • Battery • Fuel tank • Main wiring harness ground • Front lower fairing • Front exhaust pipe protector • Muffler/exhaust pipe • Antenna Whip(s) • Coolant reserve tank • Center stand NOTE: You will need to remove any accessories that may contact the ground during the Welding and Re-assembly procedures. IMPORTANT: You MUST cover the following with RED duct tape for welder identification pur- poses: • Negative (-) and positive (+) battery cables • Fuel return hose end • Fuel feed hose end • Main wiring harness ground • Alternator • Exhaust ports Welding Overview A qualified TIG welder will weld the frame following the procedures in the 2002-2003 GL1800/A Frame Weld Safety Recall Welding Manual . Re-assembly Overview You will be inspecting the new TIG welds, painting the frame, and re-assembling the vehicle as detailed in the Dealer Booklet and Frame Weld Inspection Chart (S0513)



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TM REPAIR MANUAL IN LOOSE-LEAF FORM STORING THE REPAIR MANUAL IN THE BINDER -Put the index into the binder. -Put the front page of the repair manual (210×297 mm) into the transparent pocket provided for this purpose on the outside of the binder. -Put the spine label (170×45 mm) into the transparent pocket provided for this purpose on the spine of the binder. -Put the summary list of contents (150×297 mm) into the transparent pocket provided for this purpose on the inside of the binder or insert this page on the beginning of the manual. -Then insert the individual chapters of the manual between the sheets of the index according to the page number printed in the right bottom corner of each page. Example: page no. 3-5 3 = chapter 3 5 = page 5 All pages with a page number that begins with the digit 3, for example, must be put under the index heading „Chapter 3″. -Index sheets that have not been marked with a certain chapter are for your personal convenience. T he respective headings can be entered in the list of contents. Remove page (s) Replace by page (s) Insert page (s) after page 2-1 / 2-7 2-1C 2-7C to 2-9C 3-1 3-1C 4-1 to 4-14 4-1C to 4-13C 5-1 / 5-3 5-1C / 5-3C 5-6 to 5-8 5-6C to 5-8C 5-12 to 5-26 5-12C to 5-27C 6-1 / 6-4 6-1C / 6-4C 6-7 to 6-16 6-7C to 6-17C 7-1 to 7-2 7-1C to 7-2C 7-7 to 7-11 7-7C to 7-11C 8-1 to 8-13 8-1C to 8-21C 9-1 9-1C 9-10 to 9-13 9-10C to 9-16C 10-1 10-1C 10-8C to 10-11C 11-1 11-1C 11-11C to 11-13C
Repair manual KTM 250-525 SX, MXC, EXC RACING Art.-No. 3206007 -E EXPLANATION – UPDATING Edition 01/2003 3.205.85-ERepair Manual 400/520 SX, MXC, EXC RACING Basic version Model year 2000 (Engine number with first digit “0″) 2/2000 3.210.01-EUpdating of Rep.Manual 3.205.85-E Model year 2001 (Engine number with first digit “1″) 1/2001 3.210.44-EUpdating of Rep.Manual 3.205.85-E Model year 2002 (Engine number with first digit “2″)

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