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INSTALLATION 1. Remove seat, left saddlebag, left side cover and air cleaner assembly following instructions in applicable Service Manual. 2. Review the CRUISE CONTROL-ULTRA MODELS section in the applicable Service Manual before attempting to install this kit. Install Cruise Control Module To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, disconnect negative (-) battery cable before proceeding. (00048a) Disconnect negative (-) battery cable first. If positive (+) cable should contact ground with negative (-) cable connected, the resulting sparks can cause a battery explosion, which could result in death or serious injury. (00049a) 1. Refer to the appropriate Service Manual and remove bat- tery. 1 is04799 1. Cruise control module mounting hole (3) Figure 1. Battery Box (Right Side View) 2. See Figure 1. In battery box, identify the location of the three mounting holes (1) (on left side of panel) for mounting the cruise control module. 3. See Figure 10. Obtain the cruise control module (1) with cruise cable attached and three grommets (5) from kit. Install the grommets on studs of cruise control module with small diameters outward. 4. See Figure 2. While holding cruise control assembly in place near its mounting location, feed the cruise control cable through the hole in frame crossmember plate and route under rear spark plug wire staying on inner side of fuel line components. Carefully curve cable toward the right and continue routing up under the fuel tank and over the top of the engine stabilizer bracket, then down between cylinder heads. Leave in place temporarily. 5. See Figure 10 and obtain a harness retainer (4) from kit and secure the cruise cable to crossmember plate with barb as shown. On California models, remove the EVAP hose from cable clip and secure hose with one of the cable strap (8)



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Quiet cores are supplied with this kit but not installed. To install the quiet cores remove both rear end caps ((turn downs) and install the quiet cores with the tubes facing inward. Re-install the end caps. REMOVAL Remove seat, disconnect attery and remove. Remove front fenders and side skirts. Remove fuel tank (make sure to shut fuel off and drain remaining fuel in the line before removing). Remove stock muffler first, then remove stock headers. Retain the 4 stock header bolts to install on your new exhaust system. Remove the rear bolt from your stock air box. Loosen stock intake clamp at carburetor. Remove stock boost bottle from the side of the boot. Loosen stock snorkel clamp at the air box, remove stock retaining clip at the front of the snorkel. Remove stock air box, intake boot and snorkel together from the ATV. Slide tarter solenoid off of stock mounting prongs. Remove Phillips screws from fuse holder and remove from plastic housing. Remove plastic battery housing from the ATV. Unplug tail light from harness. Unclip harness from the 2 clips above the battery. CARBURATION Now would be a good time to replace your stock main jet, with the supplied 190 main jet and replace your stock pilot jet with the supplied 48 pilot jet. Make certain that all hoses are tight and routed as stock. Be certain carb clamp is tight when re-installed. INTAKE BOOT Remove the intake boot from the stock air box. Take an exacto knife or razor blade and trim off the rubber piece that the hard plastic snorkel slips into. Trim around the intake boot staying the same distance as the rest of the lip. Take a hax saw and cut the groove as the rest of the boot is, being
careful not to cut all the way through (Picture Fig.2).

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