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Toyota Genuine Motor Oil 5W-30 Toyota Genuine Motor Oil 10W-30 Ethylene-Glycol Antifreeze Toyota Long Life Coolant Toyota Super Long Life Coolant 00272-SLLC2 Hypoid API GL-5 75W-90 Gear Lube T-IV Transmission Fluid ATF WS Transmission Fluid 08885-80306 Good brand of 80W-90 gear lube Hypoid API GL-5 80W-90 Gear Lube Castle V160 Gear Lube Sequential Manual Transmission Fluid 08885-01306 08886-02206 Synthetic Hypoid API GL-5 75W-140 Gear Lube Limited Slip Gear Oil

Toyota Camry 2006 clean engine


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Why clean the throttle body on your Toyota? The Toyota 4 cylinder engine is one of the best in the world, but it has one weak spot. The design of the P.C.V. system is such that blow-by gases get into the throttle body and butterfly area. Over time, after 30,000 miles or more, the build-up of crud caused by this can cause your engine to run wrong. Many people wind up taking their car to the shop and spending lots of money to fix a rough-running, hard-starting engine when all they need is some rags, a screwdriver, and $5 for a can of throttle body cleaner (or a little more for a can of Seafoam) and 20 minutes worth of time to clean inside their throttle body. This article tells you how

Toyota Camry, 1992-1996 Avalon Repair & Service Manual


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epair manual covers all Toyota Camry 1992-1996, and Toyota Avalon models, 1995-1996.

Table of Contents

* Introduction: Vehicle identification numbers. Buying parts. Safety. Maintenance techniques. Chemical and lubricants, and more.
* Tune-up and routine maintenance
* Four-cylinder engine
* V6 engines
* General engine overhaul procedures
* Cooling, heating and air-conditioning systems
* Fuel and exhaust systems
* Engine electrical systems
* Emissions control systems
* Transmission



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some customers may experience a condition where certain AM radio stations have a distorted sound even though the signal from the local AM station is strong. A revised radio has been developed to address the condition. Use the following repair procedure to replace the radio. 2007 model year Camry vehicles produced BEFORE the Production Change Effective VINs shown below. 2007 model year Camry HV vehicles

Toyota 2007- 2010 Camry 2009- 2010 Venza INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS


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Turn the ignition OFF and disconnect the vehi- cle’s negative battery cable Disconnect the mass sensor electrical connection by depressing the center tab and gently pulling the harness away from the mass air sensor. Release the
two wiring harness clips from the air box lid ently pull the engine cover upward to release it from the mounting grommets. Once released, Re- move engine cover from the vehicle and set aside. 4. Disconnect the vacuum line from the intake mani- fold plenum connection. 5. Disconnect the vacuum line from the upper air box lid. Toyota
2007-10 Camry 2009-10 Venza V6-3.5L 69-8611 7. Disconnect the two vacuum lines from the “Vacuum switching valve.

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