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KTM 3V TURBO DRIVE MODEL 9808T KNEE FEED Installation and Removal Manual


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Gather together the following items that you will need to complete this installation. a) lathe b) 3/8″ electric hand drill c) 9/32″ diameter transfer punch SERVO Turbo Drive Model 9808T Page 2 d) .4375 drill, 3/16″ drill, #7 drill e) 1/4-20 tap f) 3/4″ socket wrench g) set of inch hex wrenches h) clean shop rag Step 2: Clean the power feed mounting area completely. Step 3: Remove the drive clutch nut and the drive clutch from the elevating jack shaft. Step 4: Remove the dial nut, dial, and dial carrier. Keep the dial for reuse later. Step 5: Remove the existing bearing retainer. Keep the screws for reuse later. Step 6: Pull jack shaft out of knee. Hold inboard end up while removing to avoid damage to the pinion gear. Step 7: Press the bearing off the jack shaft. Step 8: Drill and ream the end of the jack shaft .4375″ diameter by 13/16″ deep. The .4375″ dia. must be concentric to the shaft O.D. within .002″ T.I.R. Chamfer 1/32″ x 1/2″ diameter. For best results, machining should be done in a lathe. Step 9: Place the shaft extension #6975 into the end of the jack shaft. Finish drill 3/16″ diameter through the shaft and pin the extension with the 3/16″ diameter x 5/8″ long roll pin. File smooth. Step 10: Reassemble and replace the jack shaft in the machine. Step 11: Replace the existing bearing retainer with #57904 retainer provided. Secure using existing screws. Step 12: Slip spacer #5426 and bearing race #1616 onto the jack shaft. Slide the adaptor #0771 over the bearing race and locate against front of the knee.

Electronic Speedo Drive for Toyota T50 5 Speed Transmission


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Disassembly is simple, remove the “C” clip from the drive housing , just above the drive gear. This will allow the shaft/gear assembly to be withdrawn from the housing. Remove the “O” ring from the housing. Wash all parts internally and externally to remove oil, grease and road grime This will allow the shaft/gear assembly to be withdrawn from the housing. Remove the “O” rings from the housing. Remove the three (3) philips head screws from the cover on the top of the drive housing. Carefully remove cover, be aware that the small parts in side may be stuck to the cover. Remove all internal parts, record order of assembly. Wash housing and shaft to remove oil, grease and road grime. The T50 drive shaft needs to be shortened to a similar length to the AE101. I reassembled the AE101 shaft and housing, and then measured from the top face of the AE101 housing down to the top of the AE101 drive shaft. ( Fig.4) Record this reference depth, (I got 17mm)



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INSTALLATION 1 2 4 3 5 6 7 is01872 1. Shifter shaft 2. Inner cover 3. Toe shifter lever 4. Outer cover 5. Set screw (for outer cover) 6. Set screw (for inner cover) 7. Casting Figure 1. Shifter Shaft Covers 1. See Figure 1. Remove the stock heel shift lever and toe shift lever (3) from the gear shifter shaft (1). 2. Install the set screw (6) into the inner gear shifter shaft cover (2). 3. Install inner gear shifter shaft cover with installed set screw over the casting (7) in-board of the shifter shaft (1). 4. Tighten the set screw until light contact is made with the casting. Do not overtighten. 5. Re-install toe shift lever on the gear shifter shaft. Tighten the shifter retaining screw to 18-22 lb-ft (24-30 Nm) . 6. Install the set screw (5) into the outer gear shifter cover (4). 7. Install outer gear shifter shaft cover with installed set screw over the end of the gear shifter shaft (1). 8. Loosen the set screw slightly to allow the gear shifter shaft cover to rotate. Rotate the cover until the set screw faces down, then tighten the set screw. SERVICE PARTS



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1) Assemble & install the chain tensioner assembly over the primary chain as shown in figure 1. 2) Install the compensator sprocket with extender & spacer (numbers 5, 6, & 7, FIG 2)(#7 is not included in this kit), primary chain, chain tensioner, and clutch basket simultaneously onto the motor drive shaft & transmission main shaft. Rotate the chain drive slightly as needed to allow the splines to line-up. 3) Install the chain tensioner nut loosely on the chain tensioner bolt. 4) Install the sliding cam onto the compensator sprocket, & slide the compensating sprocket cover-assembly (#3) over the cam. 5) Apply 2 drops of Rivera “Red” thread-lock on the threads of the motor drive shaft, & install the motor nut loosely with the fingers at this time. The hex spacer (#7) and spacer (#2) as seen in fig.2 are not provided in Rivera Engineering’s chain drive kit. These components are required with some applications, and can be purchased from your local Harley-Davidson dealer. FIG 2 6) Apply 2 drops of Rivera “red” thread-lock on the threads of the transmission main-shaft and loosely install the clutch hub nut (left hand threads). 7) Place the HD “Primary Drive Locking Tool” HD-41214 on the primary chain as shown in figure XXX and tighten the motor sprocket nut to 150-165 foot-pounds. 8)Turn the locking tool 180 degrees and move it to the clutch sprocket. Tighten the clutch hub nut to 70-80 foot pounds (left- hand thread). Adjust chain tension so that the top strand has 5/8″- to-7/8″ of up and down play (cold drive train). Tighten the center bolt nut to 21-29 foot pounds of torque.



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1. Place the cover over the drive shaft housing. 2. Hook one end of the springs provided into the lower holes. Wrap the springs around the backside of the drive shaft housing. Using a needle nose pliers stretch the springs and hook them into the upper holes. 3. Note; if springs are too long, shorten and reform end to be able to hook spring in place.

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