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TVS – 811 Series Trap Valve Station Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions


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In a piston valve, the control of stem and seat leakage is obtained by tightness of the valve sealing rings to the body and valve plug. The bonnet compresses the valve sealing rings against the body and the valve plug. Flexible disc springs automatically assure a tight seal by exerting pressure on the valve sealing rings, keeping them compressed. Opening and Closing the TVS Isolation Valves The isolation valve begins to stop flow when the valve plug enters the lower valve sealing ring. When the isolation valve is completely closed, the valve plug is in contact with the full height of the valve sealing rings, ensuring the best possible seal. In fact, there is no advantage to be gained in torqueing the valve closed. Armstrong recommends that after closing the isolation valves completely, the handwheel should be turned back one half turn. This makes it easy to re-open the valve by avoiding metal to metal seizure. Troubleshooting – Isolation Valves A piston valve will retain its leak tightness for several years without maintenance. In severe service, such as rapid heating and cooling, some field maintenance may be required. Depending on the problem, these simple steps may help: ! ! ! ! ! Isolation Valve leaks, when the valve is closed . First, Check to make sure the valve is actually closed . Check to see if bonnet is seated on the body, if not, tighten the bonnet nuts until the bonnet seats. This recompresses the valve sealing rings against the body and the valve plug. If valve continues to leak, replace the isolation valve assembly

Lilac LS-18 Motorcycle Maintenance Standards


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CYLINDER AND CYLINDER HEAD MAINTENANCE ITEM STANDARD REPAIR LIMIT METHOD REMARKS Cylinder Bore 54 -0.01 54.1 Boring After boring honing should be performed Ovality 0.01 0.05 Boring After boring honing should be performed Taper 0.01 0.05 Boring After boring honing should be performed Oversize 0.25 steps 55 max. Do R and L cylinders at same time / 4 steps Valve Seat Width 0.8 – 1.0 1.3 Adjust Use a cutter Angle 45∞ Combustion Chamber Volume 18.2cc -0.5cc Remove carbon if heavy accumulation Compression Ratio 7.8:1 Head Gasket Thickness 1.0 Cylinder Head Nut Torque 3.0 kg/m (22 ft.-lb.) Out standard Adjust 8mm nut Intake and Exhaust Ports Port Wall SurfaceMust be smooth Remove carbon Intake and Exh. Valve GuidesOD 12 +0.09 +0.1 ID 7 +0.01 -0.0 7.06 Exchange Intake Valve Stem Diameter 7 -0.02 -0.03 6.9 Exchange Head Thickness 1 0.7 Exchange Exhaust Valve Stem Diameter 7 -0.02 -0.03 6.9 Exchange Head Thickness 1 0.7 Exchange Intake and Exhaust Valve Seat Face Width Range 0.8~1.0 1.3 Use valve seat cutter Intake Valve Guide Clearance 0.02~0.04 0.08 Replace valve or guide Exhaust Valve Guide Clearance 0.06~0.08 0.12 Replace valve or guide Valve Spring (Large) Installed Load 10.2 kg 8.7 kg Replace Fitted length 31.5 Free Length 36.5 34.7 Replace Tilt 1.5/100 3/100 Replace Valve Spring (Small) Installed Load 5.48 kg 4.65 kg Replace Fitted length 29.5 Page 4 of 10 Free Length 33.5 31.8 Replace Tilt 1.5/100 3/100 Replace Rocker Arm ID 12 +0.00 +0.02112.07 Replace Rocker Shaft OD 12 -0.06 -0.024 11.92 Replace Arm and Shaft Clearance 0.045~0.006 0.10 Replace arm or shaft Tappet Clearance 0.05 Out standard Adjust Measure cold at TDC Rocker Arm Ball Surface 1.8îR -0.006 -0.024 Replace if severe wear Pushrod Bend 0.1 0.5 Straighten Over 100mm (2) CRANKSHAFT, PISTON AND CONROD MAINTENANCE ITEM STANDARD REPAIR LIMIT METHOD REMARKS Piston OD @ Top 53.65 -0.02 Max Diameter 53.95 -0.015 53.85 Replace Ovality 0.1 Piston and Cylinder Clearance 0.04~0.05 0.15 Replace Piston Ring Groove Clearance 0.03~0.07 0.10 Replace Piston Oversize Step 0.25 4 steps Top Ring and 2nd Ring Thickness 2 -0.01 -0.03 1.92 Replace Width 2.5 -0.01 0.55kg Tension 0.85 – 1.15kg 1 Replace End Gap 0.15 – 0.35 Replace Oil Ring Thickness 3.2 -0.01 -0.03 3.12 Replace Width 2.5 -0.1 Tension 1.0~1.3kg 0.65kg Replace End Gap 0.15~0.35 1 Replace Ring Gap Position 120∞ 3 equal spacesOut standard Adjust Avoid Piston Pin Axis Ring Oversizes 0.25 steps 4 steps Piston Pin OD 15 -0.0 +0.006 14.95 Replace Pin Hole in Piston ID 15 +0.012 -0.015.05 Replace Pin and Piston Clearance -0.006 ~ +0.012 0.06 Replace Hand push fit piston at 100∞C Conrod Small End Bush ID 15+0.027+0.016 15.07 Replace bush Conrod and Piston Pin Clearance 0.01~0.027 0.07 Replace Crankpin OD 24.94 +0.0+0.0124.90 Replace Crankpin Roller OD 5 (+0.001+0.003) Refer to conrod ID Replace 3Sizes; 52 per assembly for selective fit 5 (+0.0 -0.002) 5 (-0.003 -0.005) Conrod ID 34.95+0.03+0.02435.02 Axial Play 0.2~0.4 0.5 Adjust Radial Play 0.026~0.036 0.06 Replace



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ADJUSTABLE CYLINDER HEAD STAND Head can be rotated 360 degrees. Stays in any position using a simple locking mechanism. Use on twin or four cylinder heads. Shipping weight: 14 lbs. Adjustable length-10-1/2″ to 20-1/2″ long x 14″ width x 10-3/4″ high. 35-8602 Cylinder Head Stand VALVE GUIDE DRIVERS Use for removal and installation of valve guides into cylinder head. Available in the following sizes: 35-8418 4.5mm YM-4116 35-8416 6mm YM-4064-A 35-8417 5mm YM-4097 35-8414 7mm YM-1225-A 35-8408 5.5mm YM-1122 35-8413 8mm YM-1200 VALVE GUIDE DRIVER SET (REMOVE & REPLACE) Designed for speed and accuracy, this eleven piece set provides the right tool for the job. Driver set includes two valve guide drivers (5.5mm and 6.6mm), four valve guide installers, one cutter, three cutter pilots (5.5mm, 6.6mm, and 7.7mm) and one tap handle extension bar. 35-9445 Valve Guide Driver Set YAMAHA VALVE GUIDE INSTALLERS These installers are used for installation of Yamaha shoulder less valve guides to a specific depth into the cylinder head. To use, position onto the valve guide and drive into the cylinder head until installer makes contact with cylinder head surface. Note: Must use with Valve Guide Driver. Available in the following sizes: 35-8439 4.5mm YM-4117 35-8437 5.0mm YM-4098 35-8419 5.5mm YM-4015 35-8435 6mm YM-4065-A 35-8423 7mm YM-4017 VALVE GUIDE REAMERS Reaming valve guides after installation assures a proper valve stem to valve guide fit. Available in the following sizes: 35-3829 4.5mm YM-4118 35-3851 7mm YM-1227 35-3836 5.5mm YM-1196 35-3852 8mm YM-1211 35-3847 6mm YM-4066 CLOVER VALVE LAPPING COMPOUND KIT The world famous green can with the four leaf clover. For seating valves, mating gears, and sharpening. Sold as a kit with coarse 120 grit (roughing) and 280 fine grit (finishing). 35-0309 Clover Valve Lapping Compound VALVE LAPPING TOOL The ultimate vacuum stick for insuring perfect surfaces on valves and valve seats. Interchangeable cups make unit suitable for use with virtually any size valve. Set includes vacuum stick, 3/4″ and 1/4″ diameter rubber cups. 35-8998 Valve Lapping Too

Honda CB 750 SOHC 8v Performance and Racing Camshafts Installation


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Upon installation of your WEB-CAM camshaft, check the following. These operations are very important to engine
life, please follow instructions! If your cam is described as a bolt-in in the WEB-CAM catalog, you may skip 1-5
below. Check piston to valve clearance. Provide the necessary clearance by removing material from the piston Minimum .050″ intake, .080″ exhaust.1. Check valve to valve clearance. It may be necessary to remove material from the valves or sink valve seat height in head. 2. Check the valve spring retainer to valve guide clearance at maximum lift. Remove material from the top,of valve guides to provide a minimum of .030″ clearance. 3. Check for valve spring coil bind at maximum valve lift. Clearance at every coil should be at least .015″4. Be certain that cam and/or rocker arms rotate
freely in head or block. Remove material from head,block, or rocker arms where necessary.5. Engine and cam life depend on proper installation. New or reground followers should be used when installing WEB-CAM profiles. Apply the provided
assembly lube to cam lobe and follower surfaces



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Camshafts Drive system Camshaft cap inside diameter Camshaft journal diameter Camshaft-journal-to-camshaftcap clearance Intake camshaft lobe dimensions Measurement A Measurement B Measurement C Exhaust camshaft lobe dimensions Measurement A Measurement B Measurement C Max. camshaft runout Chain drive (right) 23.000 23.021 mm 22.967 22.980 mm 0.020 0.054 mm 33.05 33.15 mm 25.14 25.24 mm 7.81 8.01 mm 32.55 32.65 mm 25.07 25.17 mm 7.38 7.58 mm 0.08 mm 33.0 mm 25.09 mm 32.50 mm 25.02 mm 0.06 mm
2-5 ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS SPEC Head Diameter Face Width Seat Width Margin Thickness Item Standard Limit Timing chain Model/number of links Tensioning system RH2015/120 Automatic Valves, valve seats, valve guides Valve clearance (cold) Intake Exhaust Valve dimensions 0.11 0.20 mm 0.21 0.30 mm Valve head diameter A Intake Exhaust Valve face width B Intake Exhaust Valve seat width C Intake Exhaust Valve margin thickness D Intake Exhaust Valve stem diameter Intake Exhaust Valve guide inside diameter Intake Exhaust Valve-stem-to-valve-guide clearance Intake Exhaust Valve stem runout Valve seat width Intake Exhaust 24.9 25.1 mm 21.9 22.1 mm 1.14 1.98 mm 1.14 1.98 mm 0.9 1.1 mm 0.9 1.1 mm 0.6 0.8 mm 0.6 0.8 mm 3.975 3.990 mm 3.960 3.975 mm 4.000 4.012 mm 4.000 4.012 mm 0.010 0.037 mm 0.025 0.052 mm 0.9 1.1 mm 0.9 1.1 mm 1.6 mm 1.6 mm 0.5 mm 0.5 mm 3.950 mm 3.935 mm 4.042 mm 4.042 mm 0.08 mm 0.1 mm 0.04 mm 1.6 mm 1.6 mm
2-6 ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS SPEC Item Standard Limit Valve springs Free length Intake (inner) (outer) Exhaust Installed length (valve closed) Intake (inner) (outer) Exhaust Compressed spring force (installed) Intake (inner) (outer) Exhaust Spring tilt Intake (inner) (outer) Exhaust Winding direction (top view) Intake Exhaust 37.0 mm 38.4 mm 41.7 mm 30.0 mm 32.5 mm 36.1 mm 69 79 N (7.0 8.0 kgf) 114 132 N (11.6 13.4 kgf) 160 184 N (16.3 18.7 kgf) Clockwise Clockwise 35 mm 36.5 mm 39.5 mm 2.5/1.6 mm 2.5/1.7 mm 2.5/1.8 mm Cylinders Cylinder arrangement Bore stroke Compression ratio Bore Max. taper Max. out-of-round Forward-inclined, parallel 4-cylinder 65.5 45.5 mm 12.4 : 1 65.50 65.51 mm 0.05 mm 0.05 mm

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