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BMW Motorcycles Preignition (Pinging) – R 1100 Models


Filed Under (BMW) by admin on 15-11-2010

Install an oil relief valve PN 11 51 1 342 248 into the oil system (item #11 below). This valve was installed in production since black engine number 41956271, and silver engine number 41959303. This valve allows the oil in the cooling circuit to return to the crankcase when the engine is shut off. This will make it easier to determine the ngine oil level, and reduce the possibility of engine oil over-fill. Install new FR 6 DDC spark plugs, part number 12 12 1 342 125. Follow the procedures in the riders manual during start-up and running-in. Do not start the engine until you are ready to go for the road test. Don’t warm up the engine by letting it idle. Please advise the customer to review the starting, and running-in procedures in the Rider’s Manual. Please advise the customer of the 10w30 or 10w40 mineral based oil for the running-in. Also advise him/her not to top up the oil until it reached the minimum oil level as shown in the Rider’s Manual. Topping off prior to the minimum mark can create the illusion of additional oil consumption. This will be covered under the terms of the BMW Motorcycle Limited Warranty (one time only). Authorization is Required. File a warranty claim. Use the following: