1996-1998 SUZUKI GSXR750 SUPERBIKE LINK KIT Installation Instructions


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1. Raise the motorcycle and support it to enable the rear suspension to hang free. 2. Remove the stock rear link & struts. 3. Remove the link bearings and sleeves from the stock link with the exception of the bearings and sleeve in the middle of the link. You will be using the bearing & sleeve listed above in the middle position of the new link. This is the same bearing and sleeve that is used at the front of the Link. 4. Press the bearings into the new link making sure that the bearings are centered in the link. 5. Lubricate the bearings with high-pressure synthetic grease. 6. Install the sleeves in the same position as removed using the one listed above in the middle position. 7. Reinstall the link using the new bolt supplied in the kit in the middle position. 8. Torque all the bolts to the factory specifications. Torque the special bolt supplied in the kit to 70Nm, 50Ft-Lb. Blue Locktite is recommended. 9. As a rule of thumb the spring rate should be increased 0.5 kg or 28 lbs. in relation to the spring rate that is currently being used. This is a good starting point. Note: This kit is designed for single rider racing applications. The spring rate and dampening must be tailored for the individual rider weight, style of riding, motorcycle weight and track conditions. An experienced race mechanic using only the appropriate tools for removal and replacement of bearings and other components should only install this kit. Any questions can be directed to Attack Performance at the address and numbers below.

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