2001-2008 Suzuki V-Strom DL650 And DL1000 Adapter Installation Manual


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Adapter Parts List Item Desc. Quantity A. Front Adapter 1 B. Rear Adapter 1 C. Frame Grabber, Front 2 D. Frame Grabber 1 E. 5/16 x ½” Button Head Screws 4 F. M8 x 50mm Bolts 2 G. Washers (Not shown) 6 2. Assembly Instructions Familiarize yourself with all of the parts in the Main Arm and Motorcycle Adapter assemblies. Follow these installation instructions FIRST . The following instructions include our recommended torque values for all fasteners used to assemble the Johnny Rack™. Do not exceed those torque values when installing the rack, otherwise damage to the Main Arm may occur. When stock mounting points are used to mount the rack to the motorcycle, refer to the motorcycle user’s manual for recommended torque values. 1. Remove the seat, the rubber rack cover on the rear rack or if you have a Givi Top Case mounting plate remove it too. Remove the 4 bolts shown (A and B). 2. Align front frame grabbers over front grab bar mounting holes (A). 3. Reinstall original bolts that you removed. Torque to 150in.lbs. 4. Place rear frame grabber over holes on rear rack (B). 5. If you do not have side luggage racks installed on the motorcycle, you will need to place 3 stacked washers (3/4 ” OD) over each hole and under the frame grabber to take up the extra space.

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