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COOLING CIRCUIT INSPECTION Before removing the radiator and draining the engine coolant, inspect the cooling circuit for tightness. • * Remove the cowling. (SV650S) (C-7–7-6) • * Loosen the radiator cap stop screw 10 . (SV650) • * Remove the radiator cap O2 and connect the radiator tester to the filler. A WARNING Do not remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot. • * Give a pressure of about 120 kPa (1 .2 kgf/cm2,17.0 psi) and see if the system holds this pressure for 10 seconds . • * If the pressure should fall during this 10-second interval, it means that there is a leaking point in the system . In such a case, inspect the entire system and replace the leaking component or part. A WARNING When removing the radiator cap tester, put a rag on the filler to prevent spouting of engine coolant. CAUTION Do not allow the pressure to exceed specified pressure, or the radiator can be damaged. COOLING AND LUBRICATION SYSTEM 6-3 6-4COOLING AND LUBRICATION SYSTEM RADIATOR REMOVAL • * Remove the cowling. (SV650S) ( r- 7-7-6) • * Drain engine coolant. (r– 72-20) • * Disconnect the right and left radiator hoses from the radiator. • * Disconnect the siphon hose from the radiator. • * Disconnect the horn lead wires. rI .rr • * Remove the radiator lower mounting bolt. • * Disconnect the cooling fan motor and its thermo-switch lead wire coupler 10. • * Remove the radiator by upper mounting bolt. • * Remove the cooling fan. • * Disconnect the cooling fan thermo-switch. • * Remove the cooling fan thermo-switch. • * Remove the horn. CAUTION When removing the horn, hold the nut by spanner to prevent the horn bracket distortion. COOLING AND LUBRICATION SYSTEM 6-5 INSTALLATION • * Install the cooling fan and horn. 0 Cooling fan/horn mounting bolt: 8 N .m (0.8 kgf-m, 6 .0 Ib-ft) • * Install the cooling fan thermo-switch. ( l”76-9) • * Install the siphon hose to the radiator. • * Install the radiator in the reverse order of removal. • * Route the radiator hoses properly. (=9-22) 9-22) • * Install the drain plug with a new sealing washer and pour engine coolant. (=2-20) • * Bleed air from the cooling circuit. (r– 72-21) • * Install the cowling. (SV650S)

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