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FUEL PUMP The electric fuel pump is mounted at the bottom of the fuel tank, which consists of the armature, magnet, impeller, brush, check valve and relief valve . The ECM controls its ON/OFF operation as controlled under the FUEL PUMP CONTROL SYSTEM . When electrical energy is supplied to the fuel pump, the motor in the pump runs and together with the impel- ler . This causes a pressure difference to occur on both sides of the impeller as there are many grooves around it . Then the fuel is drawn through the inlet port, and with its pressure increased, it is discharged through the outlet port . The fuel pump has a check valve to keep some pressure in the fuel feed hose even when the fuel pump is stopped . Also, the relief valve is equipped in the fuel pump, which releases pressurized fuel to the fuel tank when the outlet of the fuel pressure has increased up to 450 -600 kPa (4.5- 6.0 kgf/cm2,64- 85 psi) . Relief valve Brush , ∎ I,’ Check valve Magnet L Armature When the impeller is driven by the motor, pressure differential occurs between the front part and the rear part of the blade groove as viewed in angular direction due to fluid friction . This process continuously takes place causing fuel pressure to be built up . The pressurized fuel is then let out from the pump chamber and discharged through the motor section and the check valve . FUEL SYSTEM AND THROTTLE BODY 5- 3 Inlet port I I Impeller 5-4 FUEL SYSTEM AND THROTTLE BODY FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR The fuel pressure regulator consists of the spring and valve . It keeps absolute fuel pressure of 300 kPa (3.0 kgf/cm2,43 psi) to be applied to the injector at all times . When the fuel pressure rises more than 300 kPa (3 .0 kgf/cm2, 43 psi), the fuel pushes the valve in the regulator open and excess fuel returns to the fuel tank . 90 Spring 02 Valve FUEL INJECTOR The fuel injector consists of the solenoid coil, plunger, needle valve and filter . It is an electromagnetic type injection nozzle which injects fuel in the throttle body according to the signal from the ECM. When the solenoid coil of the injector is energized by the ECM, it becomes an electromagnet and attracts the plunger. At the same time, the needle valve incorporated with the plunger opens and the injector which is under the fuel pressure injects fuel in conic dispersion . As the lift stroke of the needle valve of the injector is set constant, the volume of the fuel injected at one time is determined by the length of time during which the solenoid coil is energized (injection time)

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