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1. Refer to Figure 1. 2. Remove seat. Safety: disconnect battery prior to all wiring modifications LeatherLyke 510 5/1/2009 3. Disconnect wires to turn signals. 4. Remove turn signals and retain hardware for reinstallation. Observe and mark “left” and “right” for reinstallation. Information: Do not remove license plate bracket . 5. Remove license plate. Turn signal bracket must be oriented with flange (side with only 2 holes) on top. 6. Install turn signal bracket behind license plate bracket and license plate using 6 x 35mm pan phil machine screws for the 800 or 6 x 20mm pan phil machine screws for the 1400, 1/4″ flat washers, and 6mm locknuts. Insert black spacer spool between license plate bracket and turn signal bracket. 7. Mount turn signals directly to turn signal bracket using 6 x 10mm hex cap screws and star lock washer. Information: Observe all color-coding of wires and splice one wire at a time. 8. Cut each turn signal wires three inches from end and splice 10 inches of supplied wire. Secure wires to inner fender clips. 9. Follow route of tail light wires and connect wires into harness. 10. Secure wires together behind license plate bracket with tie wrap. 11. Connect battery and test turn signals for function. 12. Install seat. Information: Not all license plate mounts are grounded. In some cases, it may be necessary to run a ground wire to turn signal bracket. WARNING: States may have minimum width requirements on motorcycle turn- signals, so check your local laws. LeatherLyke 510 5/1/2009 SADDLEBAG INSTALLATION 13. Refer to Figure 2. Information: Cover plates are pressed into strut. 14. Remove round cover plate at end of fender mount strut on right side. 15. Remove nut on right rear and replace with 1.2″ hex adapter. If hex adapter is less than flush with the outside of both fender struts, add a 5/16″ flat washer. 16. Assemble 5 x 30mm flathead screw and 5mm mounting spool with chamfer on spool under head of screw. Insert assembly thru 1 1/4″ fender washer for the 1400 or 1″ for the 800. 17. Install spool assembly into previously installed 1.2” hex adapter. Information: Do not remove washer on shock absorber. Hex adapter will protrude 1/4″ beyond fender strut. 18. Remove round cover plate over right rear shock, remove shock absorber nut and install .75″ hex adapter. 19. Assemble 5 x 30mm flathead screw, mounting spool and cup washer with chamfer on spool under head of screw. 20. Install spool assembly into previously installed hex adapter. 21. Insert 5/8” finishing plug into old turn signal hole on right side. 22. Repeat procedures on opposite side

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