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1. Remove seat, right and left side covers, and fuel tank. 2. Remove airbox. We highly recommend you consult the factory service manual for proper removal of airbox. 3. Route wiring harness as shown in the picture. (Fig 1) 4. Unplug stock wiring harness from injectors and plug in the connectors from Fuelpak as shown. (Fig 2) 5. Unplug the TPS connector (grey) and attach T-tap connectors to the two outside wires. (Fig 3) 6. Route Fuelpak green wire to T-tap on the factory black wire with brown stripe. Routh the Fuelpak violet wire to T-tap on the factory pink wire with black stripe as shown (Fig 3) 7. Reattach the TPS connector. 8. Route red wire to the front of engine and down to the horn. (Fig 4) 9. Disconnect the two position connector from horn and snip connector in half so you have two one-wire connections. 10. Reattach factory grey wire to horn. Attach Fuelpak red wire to the other horn connection. Plug the factory horn orange wire to the male connection on the Fuelpak red wire. 11. Route black wire to battery negative connection as shown. (Fig 5) 12. Attach Fuelpak to Fuelpak harness and mount to bracket under the left side cover as shown. (Fig 6) 13. Before reassembling the bike, make sure handlebar switch is in the engine-not-running position and turn the key on. Fuelpak should light up. Sound the horn. If Fuelpak turns off when the horn is sounded, recheck the red wire connection on the horn and that it is connected to the orange wire from the factory harness. 14. Follow the service manual to reinstall the airbox and gas tank.

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