Suzuki Burgman MiniTrike Installation Manual


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installation Checklist Review entire installation manual Remove side/rear cover Modify side cover Install MiniTrike and double check all bolts Replace side/rear cover Align MiniTrike wheels Double check all bolts for tightness Test ride MiniTrike slowly in an open area to familiarize yourself with handling characteristics MiniTrike Installation NOTE: Install all bolts loosely until all brackets are in place. Tighten bolts only after all brackets and bolts are in place Refer to diagram for bracket identification 1. Place scooter on side stand on a firm level surface 2. Remove rear/side panel Refer to motorcycles service manual for questions regarding panel removal. 3. Remove center stand. 4. Drill two frame holes. See figure 1 5. Attach bracket A to the center stand mounting brackets. Place bushings inside of center stand mounting brackets. See figure 2 6. Attach bracket F ( left side ) and bracket G ( right side ) to frame holes drilled in step 4. Be certain to insert bushing into drilled holes and insert bolt through bushing. 7. Attach axels and wheels to MiniTrike and position in proper relation to scooter. 8. Attach bottom of brackets F (left) and G (right) to mounting point on MiniTrike frame 9. Attach bracket D ( left side ) and bracket E ( right side ) to BOTTOM of forward mounting point on MiniTrike frame. 10. Attach bracket B (left side) C (right side) to brackets D/E and to rear of crossbar on bracket A . 11. Tighten all bolts ensuring MiniTrike is square with scooter

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