Suzuki C50/ M50 Boulevard BIG AIR KIT INSTALLATION


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1. Remove the (2) Bolts at the top of the stock air cleaner to the left and right of the oval rubber hose coming from under the fuel tank. 2. Loosen the hose clamp at the base of the oval rubber hose on the top of the air cleaner. 3. A male barb protrudes from the rear of the air cleaner that inserts into a rubber grommet mounted to the cylinders. Pull the air cleaner away from the cylinders firmly and you will feel the barb release. Now pull the upper section of the air cleaner downward to remove it from the oval snorkel tube from under the fuel tank. 4. Now you can reach to the rear of the box and unplug the electrical lead for the Air Sensor” which sits just about in the middle of the rear of the air cleaner. Now remove the breather hose at bottom of the air cleaner. 5. Set the air cleaner aside and turn it over to access the back. Remove the single bolt that secures the Air Sensor” (This sensor will be installed into the Aluminum Manifold of your new BAK assembly later) 6. Remove the lower mounting arm assembly from the cylinders. (You will not reuse this). 7. Using the (2) Dome head m6 x 15mm screws install the (2) #1 Arms to the rear (the side without the groove) of the backing plate, the shiny/chrome side of the arms should face outward. The smaller of the two holes in each arm is the one you place the screws through. Use the m6 Flange Nuts to secure the bolts at the rear of backing plate. Snug these up but do not tighten fully.

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