Suzuki DRZ 400K Dual Sport Kit Installation Manual


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DRZ 400 (Kick Start) Dual Sport Kit Installation Manual 1. Get a degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. (Just kidding!) 2. Remove the side panels, seat, and gas tank. 3. Unplug the headlight from the stock wiring and remove. 4. Unplug the kill button from the stock wiring and remove (Photo 2). The connector is a gray two-conductor connector located under the fuel tank. Release detent on connector to separate. Kill switch connector Photo 2 5. Unplug the stock taillight and remove. Using a utility knife, trim the taillight mounting tabs flush with the underside of the fender. ¼” Photo 3 Countersunk screw and bezel, 4 Places 6. Taillight Installation Position the taillight assembly so that the edge of the red taillight extends past the edge of the fender about 1/4″ as shown in Photo 3. With the taillight positioned as shown Photos 3 & 4 , transfer the four mounting hole locations into the bottom of the fender. Drill the mounting holes at 1/4″ diameter. Use the 6 x 16 mm counter-sunk fasteners and bezels for mounting the taillight

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