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The installation of the AFR Tuner should be done by experienced technicians only. Always disconnect the battery from the motorcycle before making any modification to the wiring harness. Remove the negative terminal from the battery before starting the installation work. The quality of the installation work greatly affects the reliability of the AFR Tuner and the motorcycle. Work precisely and very carefully when modifying the wiring harness of the vehicle. Always double check that the wire you are about to cut or tap into is the correct one. The ECM or the AFR Tuner can be destroyed by a faulty installation. 3.2. Installing the AFR Tuner to the wiring harness 3.2.1. Main cable The AFR Tuner connects to the motorcycle through its Main connector . Figure 2 shows the wiring diagram and the necessary modifications, which needs to be made when installing the unit into the fuel injection system of the motorcycle. Information about the ECM terminal numbers and wire colors for some popular motorcycles can be found in Chapter 6 . The best location for installing the AFR Tuner main unit is at the passenger seat area of the motorcycle mounted in the trunk space or on the subframe under the fairing, as this place provides protection from engine heat and the weather. Electrical contact between the metal casing of the AFR Tuner and the rear subframe must be prevented by using insulating material, such as the included self adhesive velcro strips. If necessary use some cable ties to secure the unit in place. The installation of the AFR Tuner into the wiring harness involves tapping into some wires and cutting others while connecting the two ends to the AFR Tuner. The harness modifications are best done near the ECM, since most of the wires can be found there. Part of the wiring modifications are related to connecting the AFR Tuner in-line between the ECM and the fuel injectors. In such cases when the motorcycle is equipped with primary and secondary injectors the AFR Tuner has to be installed on the primary injectors, which operate under all engine conditions. Correct grounding of the AFR Tuner is very important for electrical noise reduction. The above mentioned insulation of the metal case from the motorcycle frame is necessary for the same reason, which is to avoid the forming of a ground loop. An even more important requirement is the correct connection of the three ground wires of the AFR Tuner. As shown on Figure 2 , these three wires must be led out separately to the ECM and connected together at same point where the ECM ground wire is tapped into. This point should be as close to the ECM terminal as possible. For best quality of the electrical contacts all connections should be done by soldering and covering the exposed part of the wire with heat shrink tubing. For reliability reasons do not use clip on type wire taps

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