SUZUKI GSX-R600 X-TRE Power Box Installation and Operation Manual


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Installation Disclaimer: Do not attempt to install the product if you don’t have basic mechanical skills. HealTech Electronics Ltd. and its distributors shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by improper installation. 1. Check the supplied parts: – X-TRE Power Box – Wiring harness – Yellow butt connectors, gel-filled (2 pcs) – Red tap connector, gel-filled – 4p jumper-plug – Cable ties (2+1 pcs) – Velcro strips – HealTech stickers (2+2 pcs) – Manual 2. Make sure the ignition key is in OFF position. Remove the seat. 3. Locate the ECM (Engine Control Module) under the seat. 4. Release the fuse box and relay switch to clean the area around the ECM connectors. 5. Locate the Black wire with thin dark Green stripe (B/G) , in the ECM connector. The wire position for different models is as follows: GSX-R600 K8-K9 GSX-R750 K8-K9 GSX-R1000 K7-K9 Black connector, pin no. 23 Middle row, 2nd wire from left to right at the back (wire) side of the connector ALL other years and models Black connector, pin no. 6 Top row, 6th wire from right to left at the back (wire) side of the connector

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