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Position the motorcycle securely on its stand or a work stand. Cover the front fender and fuel tank with a cloth to avoid scratches from dropped tools. 1. Use the above diagram toidentify left from right Lower and Upper Mount Brackets. Figure 1 2. Cut each of the clamp spacers in half to make 8 pieces, each 2.5 x 1.55″. 3. Apply one spacer to the inside of each mount bracket. Figure 2 Figure 1 Figure 2 N28201 and N28202 WINDSHIELD INSTALLATION AND OWNER’S MANUAL for SuzukiĀ®M109 Right and Left side of Motorcycle is determined while sitting on the bike. Determine left from right Upper bracket. Washer angles inboard about 5 degrees. Note, Angle distinguishes Right from Left Lower Mount Bracket 1 2 4 3 5 6 8 9 10 National Cycle, Inc. Maywood, IL 60153-0158 USA 708-343-0400 / Fax: 708-343-0625 / e Page 1 of 3 10-114056-000 08/07 / Rev B. 03/08 7 3, Left Upper Bracket 4, Right Upper Bracket About 5 0 inboard angle
INSTALLATION Measurements provided for clamp location. From this point you can adjust the brackets 1″ (22mm) higher if you prefer keeping in mind, position of the front nose of windshield should have a minimum of 1/2″ (13mm) clearance from cowling . Figure 3. Right Side Lower Mount Assembly 1. Start on the Right Side of motorcycle. At the top of the fork, place one inner black clamp on the fork tube. Figure 4 2. Hook the RIGHT SIDE lower mount bracket (2) to the inside clamp. Figure 5 3. Slide assembly down fork so bottom edge of bracket is 1.75″ (44mm) from top of lower triple clamp. Adjust bracket so flat in bracket runs parallel with motorcycle. Figure 6 and 7 4. Loosely install one M8 x 16 screw. (6mm Hex Key) Figure 7 Right Side Upper Mount Assembly 5. Place the second inside black clamp on the right fork tube.

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