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1. Starting on the left side of the motorcycle remove the two 14mm bolts that attach the left foot peg and shifter mounting bracket to the frame. Locate the longer two of the (4) supplied mounting bolts supplied, place a lock washer first and then a washer on each. Locate the left curved main mount (it will have its polished chrome side and the circle of dowel pin holes facing outward when installed on the left side). Place the bolts thru the bolts thru the holes in the mount the slide a spacer (supplied) over each bolt. Place the mount with the bolts and spacers thru the holes of the foot peg and shifter mounting bracket removed earlier and thread the bots into the frame then tighten securely 2. Repeat this procedure on the right side using the remaining shorter bolts, lock washers, washers, mount and spacers and again tighten securely. 3. Again starting on the left side install one of the dowel pins supplied into any of the holes in the mount, place one of the remaining mounting arms (they are the same left and right) onto the dowel pin that is closest to the position you want the arm to be in. Place one of the washers onto the large allen screws then thru the finished side of the arm and thread it into the center hole of the mount. 4. Repeat this procedure on the right side. Loosely install the foot peg set you have selected onto the arms. Sit on the motorcycle to see if you are comfortable with the position you have chosen. You can adjust the position of the arms in Ω” increments forward or back as follows. Remove the arm while leaving the pin in its hole, now move the pin to the next hole forward to rotate the arm back towards the rider Ω” or into the next hole back to rotate the arm forward Ω” and re-install the arm into the corresponding hole that is in the direction you want the arm to go. 5. Adjust the angle of the foot pegs so that they are both comfortable to your feet and will fold up and to the rear when not in use. Set the peg pivot bolts tight enough to hold the in the folded position but loose enough so that you can fold them down with your foot when you need them. Recheck all fasteners for tightness.

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