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STEP #1 – Remove the seat & the left side fairings. See the Suzuki service manual. STEP #2 – Drill a 18mm hole into the panel (11/16″ hole saw recommended and is available on our site) where shown [A]. If the hole is too small for the socket open it with emery cloth or a file. Watch the clearance behind the panel; make sure the socket has room. Attach the socket to the panel; use a dab of Silicone on the socket and jam nut. Important: Do NOT use Loctite or over-tighten. STEP #3 – Install the cable starting at the battery through to the front of the bike. Route the cable under the bracket [B]. You’ll find it a bit tight to get through between the frame and motor [C]. Ty-wrap the cable to the frame. Run the cable up to the front fairing. Slip the fuse-holder in the location shown [D]. Disconnect the black and red battery terminals. Connect the ground wire to the bolt [E]. You can cut a notch in the ref boot [F]. Connect the red wire to the battery posts as follows: RED WIRE = BATTERY POSITIVE STEP #4 – Reconnect the positive & negative battery terminals. Install the fuse in the fuse-holder. The center terminal is plus and the outer ring is negative (see dwg below). Apply either dielectric grease or Vaseline to terminals. Connect the red wire to the POSITIVE terminal and the black wire to the NEGATIVE terminal. Use a voltmeter to check if the polarity is correct. STEP #5 – Apply the remaining ty-wrap to the wiring harness where needed. Do NOT allow the harness to directly contact the motor or exhaust.

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