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COUPLER •With a lock type coupler, be sure to release the lock before disconnecting it and push it in fully till the lock works when connecting it . • * When disconnecting the coupler, be sure to hold the coupler itself and do not pull the lead wires . • * Inspect each terminal on the coupler for being loose or bent . • * Inspect each terminal for corrosion and contamination. CLAMP • * Clamp the wire harness at such positions as indicated in “WIRE HARNESS ROUTING”. (C” -78-14) • * Bend the clamp properly so that the wire harness is clamped securely . • * In clamping the wire harness, use care not to allow it to hang down. • * Do not use wire or any other substitute for the band type clamp. FUSE • * When a fuse blows, always investigate the cause, correct it and then replace the fuse . • * Do not use a fuse of a different capacity . • * Do not use wire or any other substitute for the fuse . SEMI-CONDUCTOR EQUIPPED PART • * Be careful not to drop the part with a semi-conductor built in such as a ECM. • * When inspecting this part, follow inspection instruction strictly . Neglecting proper procedure may cause damage to this part . ELECTRICAL SYSTEM 7- 3 7-4 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM BATTERY •The MF battery used in this motorcycle does not require maintenance (e.g., electrolyte level inspection, distilled water replenishment) . • * During normal charging, no hydrogen gas is produced. However, if the battery is overcharged, hydrogen gas may be produced. Therefore, be sure there are no fire or spark sources (e.g., short circuit) nearby when charging the battery . • * Be sure to recharge the battery in a well-ventilated and open area. • Note that the charging system for the MF battery is different from that of a conventional battery. Do not replace the MF battery with a conventional battery . CONNECTING THE BATTERY •When disconnecting terminals from the battery for disassembly or servicing, be sure to disconnect the O battery lead wire, first. • * When connecting the battery lead wires, be sure to connect the OO battery lead wire first . • * If the terminal is corroded, remove the battery, pour warm water over it and clean it with a wire brush . • * After connecting the battery, apply a light coat of grease to the battery terminals. • * Install the cover over the O battery terminal. WIRING PROCEDURE • * Properly route the wire harness according to the “WIRE HARNESS ROUTING” section. (CJ8-14)

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