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PRECAUTIONS IN SERVICING When handling the component parts or servicing the FI system, observe the following points for the safety of the system . ELECTRICAL PARTS CONNECTOR/COUPLER • * When connecting a connector, be sure to push it in until a click is felt. •With a lock type coupler, be sure to release the lock when isconnecting, and push it in fully till the works when connecting it. • * When disconnecting the coupler, be sure to hold the coupler body and do not pull the lead wires . • * Inspect each terminal on the connector/coupler for looseness or bending. • * Inspect each terminal for corrosion and contamination. The terminals must be clean and free of any foreign material which could impede proper terminal contact . •Inspect each lead wire circuit for poor connection by shaking it by hand lightly. If any abnormal condition is found, repair or replace. •When taking measurements at electrical connectors using a tester probe, be sure to insert the probe from the wire harness side (backside) of the connector/coupler . 0 4 40 O/ 40 16~ Id •When connecting meter probe from the terminal side of the coupler (connection from harness side not being possible), use extra care not to force and cause the male terminal to bend or the female terminal to open . Connect the probe as shown to avoid opening of female ter- minal. Never push in the probe where male terminal is supposed to fit. •Check the male connector for bend and female connector for excessive opening. Also check the coupler for locking (looseness), corrosion, dust, etc . FUSE • * When a fuse blows, always investigate the cause correct it and then replace the fuse . • * Do not use a fuse of a different capacity . • * Do not use wire or any other substitute for the fuse . ECMNARIOUS SENSORS •Since each component is a high-precision part, great care should be taken not to apply any sharp impacts during removal and installation. • * Be careful not to touch the electrical terminals of the ECM . The static electricity from your body may damage this part . FI SYSTEM DIAGNOSIS 4-3
4-4 FI SYSTEM DIAGNOSIS • When disconnecting and connecting the ECM, make sure to turn OFF the ignition switch, or electronic parts may get dam- aged. • * Battery connection in reverse polarity is strictly prohibited . Such a wrong connection will damage the components of the FI system instantly when reverse power is applied . • * Removing any battery terminal of a running engine is strictly prohibited. The moment such removal is made, damaging counter electromotive force will be applied to the ECM which may result in serious damage.

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