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NOTE: The fuel delivery pipe assembly can be removed from the throttle body without removing the throttle body assembly from the motorcycle. 1) Refer to section 6 of the service manual to remove the fuel tank and the air cleaner box. Place shop rags over the bore of each throttle body to prevent anything from falling into the engine through the throttle bodies. 2) Remove the wire harness clamp, disconnect the fuel injector couplers A and move the harness aside. 3) Remove the four fuel delivery pipe assembly mounting screws and remove the fuel delivery pipe assembly. 4) Replace the o-rings and seals with the new parts supplied in the kit (apply a small amount of engine oil to the o-rings and seals to ease the installation of the injector). To prevent damage to the o-rings or seals, don’t turn the injector when pushing it into the fuel delivery pipe and throttle body respectively. Install the new fuel delivery pipe assembly in the reverse order of removal. 5) Connect the fuel injector couplers A and clamp the injector harness to the fuel delivery pipe. DO NOT overtighten the harness clamp. 6) Connect the fuel tank, remove the shop rags from over the bore of each throttle body, and run the engine, checking for fuel leaks. DO NOT reuse the original fuel hose connector retainer. Confirm that the fuel hose connector has completely seated and locked (clicked) into position before turning on the ignition switch. 7) Refer to section 6 of the service manual to install the air cleaner box and the fuel tank. 8) Test ride the motorcycle to confirm proper operation. FUEL DELIVERY PIPE ASSEMBLY REPLACEMENT PROCEDURE

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