2000-2001 Honda CBR 929 RR Power Commander installation


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Remove the main seat. 2) Open the passenger seat hatch. 3) Remove the fuel tank mounting bolts. NOTE: The fuel tank does not need to be removed in order to install the PCII. If you choose to remove the fuel tank to aid in the installa- tion, then all fuel must be drained prior to disconnecting the fuel lines. 4) Locate the main injector harness connector. It is on the right side of the chassis near the fuel hose fitting on the throttle bodies. 5) Disconnect the injector harness connector. 6) Plug the male connector from the PCIIIr into the female connectorm on the main harness (Fig. A). 7) Plug the female connector from the PCIIIr into the male connector from the stock injector harness (Fig. B). 8) Locate the small, red, 2 pin connector (Fig. C) from the crank position sensor. Match the corresponding connectors from the PCIIIr, in-line of the stock wiring harness (Fig. D). 9)Route the harness from the PCIIIr under the fuel tank towards the tail section. 10) Reinstall the fuel tank, make sure not to pinch the PCIIIr harness. 11) Attach the ground wire from the PCIIr to the negative terminal of the battery. (Fig. E) 12) Route the PCIIIr and wiring under the rear seat subframe. Attach to inner fender below passenger seat using supplied velcro (Fig. F). 13) Reinstall the main seat