2003-2007 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R/ RR HID Installation Removal Manual


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take out the original bulb and install the HID bulb. Be careful, do not touch the HID bulb at any time. Plug in the power wires into the original power plug. They go in easy and slide right in. Black wire connects into the black wire on the plug. On the right side, pink goes to red. On the left side, blue goes to red as these are positive wires. Pull the wires toward you slowly and carefully as you near the cover toward the headlight. Spin the rubber grommet if you need to line up the dust cover to the head light. Now lock it in. The arrow should point up if it is locked in properly. Left side installed the same way as the right. Mount the ballasts on the under side of the cowling covers with two nuts and bolts. Position the ballast in the proper place. Then, hold in one spot while drilling two holes for the bolts. An alternate mounting may be with industrial double sided tape or industrial Velcro. Do not use those cheap double sided tape of Velcro mounts as they will not hold the weight of the ballasts. Close up of underside of the cowling cover with ballast installed.
Top side of the cowling cover. Repeat installation on the second cowling. Then reinstall on the bike, connecting all the plug wires.