BMW F650 CS Front belt wheel not correctly secured


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2.1 Removal of the front belt wheel Remove the front belt wheel in accordance with the instructions detailed in the F 650 CS Repair Manual. Remove the securing screw of the activated charcoal filter and let the filter canister hang by one side by the hoses, or remove it and lay it aside. Clean the splines and threads of the main shaft in order to remove all traces of Loctite. If necessary, remove corrosion from the main shaft spline (use only a brass bristle brush). 2.2 Visual inspection Check the splines of the main shaft for damage. Replace the main shaft if the splines are damaged (broken, chipped, bent or damaged teeth). Refer to the F 650 CS Repair Manual for this procedure 2.3 Wear check gearbox main shaft- It is extremely important that the techni- cian always check that the dimensions of the gearbox main shaft splines are to specification before proceeding with the installation of a new front belt wheel. This note only applies to motorcycles with accumulated mileage, not to new motorcycles from the crate. If the visual inspection was satisfactory and the main shaft was not replaced for visual damage, a main shaft wear check will be necessary. This check requires the use of BMW Special Tool # 23 4 571 . The adapters are designed for micrometer gauges with stud diameters from 6.35 mm to 6.6 mm. Do not use cellulose-lacquer thinners to clean the adapters as there is a risk of damaging the measuring instruments. Make sure that the micrometer gauges and the adapters are perfectly clean