Harley Davidson Big Twin EVO Engines Edelbrock Performer-Plus Camshaft , Performer RPM Camshaft , & Performer RPM Camshaft INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS


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Disconnect the battery. Secure the motorcycle on a suitable stand with the rear wheel off the ground. Remove components necessary for easy access to rocker covers, pushrod covers, and gear case cover, i.e., exhaust system, gas tank, air cleaner, foot rest, etc. Remove spark plugs. 2. Remove top and middle sections of rocker boxes, then rotate engine so both valves are closed on the cylinder head being worked on (put transmission in high gear and move rear wheel to slowly rotate engine). Remove the two 5/16″ bolts nearest the rocker arm shafts (keep all shafts, rocker arms, and pushrods in order so they can be installed in their original position). Remove the pushrod covers and pushrods. NOTE: The use of adjustable time-saver pushrods will simplify installation. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for installation of those parts. 3. It is not necessary to remove the tappet guides if you use a cam installation tool such as Crane #9-0020 to hold the tappets in place during cam installation. If you remove the tappet guides, you must use a tappet block alignment tool such as Crane #9- 0021 to re-install the tappet guides. Tappets can be held up in place during removal of guides by using U-shaped piece of safety wire or paper clip hooked to the tappets. 4. Remove ignition covers on gearcase cover by drilling out rivets to gain access to sensor plate. Remove the inner cover, sensor plate and rotor. NOTE: For re-installation, use new rivets H-D #8699 or drill and tap for 10-32 screws. 5. Remove the gearcase cover screws and remove cover while holding end of cam inward. Now remove the camshaft, spacing washer and thrust plate