Harley-Davidson Carburetors TUNING INSTRUCTIONS


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CARBURETOR REMOVAL Edelbrock recommends consulting an authorized service manual for make, model and year of motorcycle before disassembly of stock parts. 1. Turn fuel valve off before getting started. 2. Disconnect battery to eliminate the possibility of sparks or accidentally engaging the starter. 3. Remove air cleaner assembly. 4. Disconnect choke cable from its bracket. 5. Disconnect fuel line and vacuum lines from carburetor. 6. Gently remove carburetor from manifold. NOTE: For removal of CV style carbs, Edelbrock recommends the carb be gently wiggled from side to side (not up and down) while pulling to get carb out of manifold. MANIFOLD REQUIREMENTS Edelbrock Quick Kits and Complete kits are designed to work with the stock manifold that was OE on your engine. Some aftermarket manifolds will also work with Edelbrock carburetors. S&S “E” Series and Screamin’ Eagle flange mount manifolds will work with Edelbrock flange style carburetors. It is also recommended the manifold being used closely matches the venturi of the carburetor. BIKE PREPARATION 1. Once stock carburetor and air cleaner have been removed, inspect manifold grommet (CV manifolds only) for tears, nicks or cuts. Replace grommet, if damaged. Stuff a clean dry rag into manifold until carb is installed to keep any debris out of engine. 2. Remove old fuel line and vacuum line (if equipped) and install supplied fuel line and vacuum line