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This manual is intended as a guide for users of Mikuni carburetors who want to learn the adjusting method to the best performance from our products. In motorcycles, special tuning of the engine is now considereda routine practice. The arrows that appear in the drawings in this text show the direction in which air, fuel and an air-fuel mixture flows, respectively. ┬óJAir Fuel “Mixture Mounting angle fore and aft inclination of the carb should not exceed approx Function of a carburetor The function of a carburetor is to produce combustible air-fuel mixture, by breaking fuel into tiny particles (in the form of vapor) and by mixing the fuel with air in a proper ratio, and to deliver the mixture to the engine. A proper ratio (mixture ratio or air-fuel ratio) means an ideal air-fuel mixture that can burn without leaving an excess of fuel or air, Whether the proper mixture ratio is maintained or not holds the key to the efficient engine operation, 2. Air-fuel mixture required by the engine (Fig. 1) The ratio of a mixture of fuel and air is called the mixture ratio or the air-fuel ratio and is generally expressed by the weight proportion. Theoretically, the amount of air required for complete combustion of 1 gram of fuel under normal conditions is