Toyota Celica GT 2000- 2003 5 speed and automatic REMOVAL and INSTALLATION


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Remove the OBD canister, vacuum switching valve and air temperature control sensor from the air box
without removing any vacuum lines. Once all sensors have been removed take out the remaining air box
and air duct leading to the throttle body. Remove the two-piece air duct leading into the black ECU box.
We recommend you remove the front bumper to make the installation easier. The vacuum switching
valve used to control the valves or by-pass flaps in the box will no longer be used. These flaps control the
amount of air taken in when the engine is running. A 3mm cap will cap-off the port at the engine block.
2 Slip the 2 3/4” straight hose over the throttle body and use two clamps. Tighten the clamp on the throttle
body at this point. (See fig. 2) 3 Remove the black relay fuse box from the bracket bolted to the car frame. (See figs. 1) Remove the stock m6 bolt holding the bracket in place and set the OBD canister on top of the bracket. Screw
the stock bolt tight in place securing the OBD canister to the bracket. Take the vibra-mount and screw
it into the tapped hole right above the OBD canister. (See fig. 6) 4 Once the bumper has been removed cut an opening in the lower section of the plastic wheel well as seen in figure 3. A razor or any cutting device will work to make the opening



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This kit is designed for installation on voltmeter, fuel gauge, oil pressure and air temperature gauges used on 1986 and later FLT and FLHT models. Kit Contents Table 1. Kit Contents Description Quantity Chrome bezel cover 2 Adhesive tape, double-sided strip 1 There are no Service Parts available with this kit. INSTALLATION NOTE Using a 50:50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water, wipe dirt, oil and grease off of instrument bezel and bezel cover before applying double-sided tape or tape may not adhere well. 1. See Figure 1. Cut tape (1) into six equal pieces. 2. Remove paper liner from one side of tape and apply tape to front face of gauge pressing firmly into place. Space all three pieces equally. 3. Remove outer liner from tape. 4. Place bezel over gauge and press firmly into place



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Starting & Stopping the Engine Always follow the proper starting procedure described below. Your CRF can be started with the transmission in gear by pulling in the clutch lever before operating the kickstarter or start button. Preparation Make sure that the transmission is in neutral. Turn the fuel valve ON. Fuel Valve Starting Procedure Always follow the proper starting procedure described as follow. 5. Warm up the engine; don’t operate the throttle. 6. About 15 seconds after the engine starts, push the choke knob back all the way to fully OFF. If idling is unstable, open the throttle slightly. Extended use of the choke may impair piston and cylinder wall lubrication and damage the engine. HighAirTemperature 35°C (95°F) or above 1. Turn the fuel valve (1) ON. 2. Do not use the choke. 3. Keep the throttle fully closed. 4. Start the engine following step 4 under “Normal Air Temperature.” LowAirTemperature 10°C (50°) or below 1. If the temperature is below 32°F (0°C), open the throttle two or three times. (The engine requires a richer mixture for starting in cold weather. When the throttle is so opened, the accelerator pump will feed extra fuel to the cylinder, thereby facilitating starting in cold weather.) 2. Follow steps 1-5 under “Normal Air Temperature.” 3. Continue warming up the engine until it runs smoothly and responds to the throttle when the choke knob is pushed back all the way to fully OFF. Extended use of the choke may impair piston and cylinder wall lubrication and damage the engine. (cont’d) NOTICE NOTICE Basic Operating Instructions 15 (1) fuel valve The three-way fuel valve is used to control the flow of fuel from the fuel tank to the carburetor. ON -Turning the fuel valve ON before attempting to start the engine allows fuel to flow from the fuel tank to the carburetor. OFF -Turning the fuel valve OFF prevents the flow of fuel from the fuel tank to the carburetor. RES -Turning the fuel valve to RES allows fuel to flow from the reserve fuel supply to the carburetor. (1) fuel valve (2) choke knob Check the engine oil, transmission oil and coolant levels before starting the engine (pages 44,47,48). To restart a warm engine, follow the procedure for”High Air Temperature.” NormalAirTemperature 10°C-35°C (50°F-95°F) 1. Turn the fuel valve (1) ON. 2. Pull the choke knob (2) fully ON, if the engine is cold. 3. Keep the throttle fully closed. 4. Pull the clutch lever all the way in, and depress the start button. Or operate the kickstarter to start the engine. Starting from the top of the stroke, kick through to the bottom with a rapid, continuous motion. Do not operate the throttle. Allowing the kickstarter to snap back freely against the pedal stop can damage the engine



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Remove the following components to prepare for installation. There will be some differences between models and years. Remove both seats. Remove both left and right side fairing panels. Remove the bolt at the right rear of the fuel tank (if needed) to run the display cable to the left side of the frame (inboard of the air intake tube) along the factory wiring harness. Disconnect the negative battery cable (and any additional ground wires) at the battery. Remove the air intake tube from the air box. 3. Install the wiring. NOTE: The # indicates the connection to the unplugged 16 pin terminal strip. See the table. The Junction Board will be mounted on top of the air box just in front of the air temperature sensor. PHOTO1 An alternate position is shown in PHOTO 1A. The clear sleeve for the board gets stiff when it is cold. Warming makes it more pliable. If it is difficult to get the air sensor connector back on then use the alternate position on the left. The wiring enters the upper left corner for either position



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The R&D high performance Air Filter Kit will improve acceleration and top speed performance by increasing air flow and reducing air temperatures that enter directly into the Ultra 250X’s air plenum box area. The O.E.M. air plenum box on the Ultra 250X is a great design that will flow plenty of air. However, the air that feeds the plenum box is heated by the engine. R&D has created an easy to install “flat filter” that installs directly in place of the large center access inspection cover located directly under the main glove box. The R&D Flat Air Filter insert will allow unrestricted fresh and cool air to enter the air plenum box area which will add power you can feel and a nice high performance tone. The R&D Performance Filter Kit also features two filters, one for each of the surge and blowoff protections valves. The O.E.M. surge valve recycles compressed hot air back into the air box plenum at idle and under deceleration conditions. The R&D surge and blowoff valve filter kit removes the air recycling hoses which will keep the hot air from entering the air plenum box reducing the engines intake air temperatures. The R&D Ultra 250X Air Filter Kit offers great performance tips on how to remove the restrictive air vent hoses which will further reduce the under seat ambient air temperatures. The R&D Filter system does not remove or alter the O.E.M. plenum box in any way, therefore there are no questions to be answered regarding water ingestion

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