1990 Toyota Supra Factory ENGINE TUNE- UP MECHANICAL


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The 7l/l-GE, 7M-GTE engines are an in-line 6-cylinder engine with the cylinders numbered 1-2-3-4-5-6 from the front. The crankshaft is sup- ported by 7 bearings specified by the inside of the crankcase. These bearings are made of kelmet. The crankshaft is integrated with 12 weights which are cast along with it for balance. Oil holes are built into the crankshaft for supplying oil to the connecting rods, pistons and other components. These engine’s ignition order is 1-5-3-6-2-4. The cylinder head is made of aluminum alloy, with a cross flow type intake and exhaust layout and with pent roof type combustion chambers. The spark plugs are located in the center of the combustion chambers

Motorcycle Engine Guard Adjustable Light Housing


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ADJUSTABLE HOUSING This highly polished, adjustable aluminum housing provides a very attractive means of adding the safety of Cuda TriOptic LED lighting to the engine guards on your Police Motorcycle. This newly developed 2.5 X 5.5 inch housing comes mounted on a ball swivel and can be adjusted and tightened to point LED lighting in any desired direction. This compact housing fits conveniently into position on the engine guard and is available with an engine guard clamp in a 1.00 inch or 1.25 inch diameter, which fits the engine guards of most popular motorcycles. The entire assembly is constructed of a highly polished aluminum alloy which blends very nicely with the chrome trim and accessories that are common on most motorcycles. COMPACT , LOW PROFILE CUDA LIGHT Our Engine Guard housing contains a newly developed model of the popular Cuda TriOptic light series with six LEDs positioned in a low profile format. This light housing provides a more compact but equally penetrating light source as the larger Cuda models. BUILT IN FLASHER As is Standard with all Cuda TriOptic products, this model can be programmed, prior to installation, to flash any one of eight selectable flash patterns; making the need for an external flasher unnecessary. EFFECTIVE LIGHT OUTPUT Cuda TriOptic lighting incorporates third generation, high intensity LEDs for dramatically bright light output. This high output light power is further enhanced by specially shaped lenses to ensure superior on and off-axis light distribution for maximum visibility. LOW AMP DRAW In addition to being extremely bright, the LEDs significantly reduce power consumption – a critical concern for fully equipped motorcycles. The 351011 (2-up) model, that is contained in this light housing, draws 0.7 amps per unit. RELIABILITY Cuda TriOptic LEDs are rated for over 100,000 hours of useful life – compared to 2500-5000 hours for a typical halogen bulb. Plus, Federal Signal LED products come with a 5- year warranty, and meet SAE and CAC standards for radio frequency interference. See the back of this page for technical specifications and ordering information so you can start specifying Cuda TriOptic LEDs for your motorcycles today!