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STAINLESS STEEL bracket made of marine grade Stainless Steel for ultimate corrosion protection and durability. Available in 1/ 4 ” and 3/ 8 ” inlet/outlet versions. b ALUMINUM bracket 3/ 8 ” inlet/outlet for easy installation on high-horsepower boats. Filter Features… Filter Features… Filter Features… Filter Features… Filter Features… * 28 Micron filter element shaped into 66 pleats.More pleats means more capacity. * Steel end caps on elements. More Filter Features… More Filter Features… More Filter Features… More Filter Features… More Filter Features… * Heavy duty spring. * Powder coated outside, epoxy coated inside for corrosion protection. * Meets OEM specifications. * Will not separate 2 cycle oil from gasoline. * Do not use with diesel fuel. * Made in the U.S.A. * Best flow rate of all major brands * New attractive retail packaging

Ducati Monster Light weight composite fuel tanks Installation instructions


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1. All though every precaution is taken in the manufacture of your new FuelCel, in house testing procedures unfortunately cannot reproduce the dynamic conditions of the installation on the motorcycle. Under certain conditions of vibration, heat and gasoline, a minute pinhole can develop in rare cases that escape our detection. We are more than willing to repair a leak that might develop so long as the following procedure is done first. 2. Install all necessary plumbing and hardware for the mounting, install on the bike then fuel it to capacity and run at least half of it through by running the engine, BEFORE PAINTING the tank. 3. Field repair procedure as performed by the factory is outline below for latent pinhole migration. (Extremely rare) 4. FuelCel Warranty. If you should damage your Fuelcel repairs can be made in certain instances. Generally if 30% of the exterior surface is damaged it will be considered totaled. ➨ INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS • Use the stock rear hinge mount. The hinge bushings must have their faces thinned by .05″ each for the tank to fit on the bike. DO NOT BEND the aluminum bracket wider ! ! ! ! • The cap now serves as the vent . • The water drain is not used. • Use the hose barb provided for the Fuel pickup, the threaded connection is no longer needed. Fuel is picked up at the same location inside from the supply barb on the inside. •Be sure the tank is not being rubbed by something on the outside, puncture from abrasion can occur in a short amount of time . •Once the tank is in place, locate the frame rubbers and bond them to the tank using a thin layer of silicone sealer after the tank is painted. • WARNING; Composites are not “malleable” like metal, since weight reduction is the main goal of the FuelCel design, rupture of the tank can occur instead of denting. • This Fuel tank is sold without Warranty expressed or implied by the manufacturer and its final suitability for use is determined by the operator of the motorcycle on which it is installed