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This t-tap plug is designed to work with Cycle Sounds audio systems. However it can be used to wire many add on 12 volt accessories to you Harley Davidson motorcycle. This plug is rated for 6-8 amps of power and should not be used for adding any product that is rated for more than the t-tap plug is rated for. Take the time to check the products power rating for which you want to install to make sure it is compatible with the t-taps amperage rating. Failure to do so couldlead to electrical failures, which could result in serious injuries or even death. it is possible to overload your motorcycles charging system by adding too many electrical accessories. U se amp meter to verify all power connections. Also check product power ratings for anything you are trying to install. Exceeding the maximum amperage can lead to electrical failures, which could result in serious injuries or even death. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: remove seat on bike and locate the wire harness under the seat that matches the plugs on the t-tap harness (2120-0026.) Location may vary between bike models. Step 2: unplug bike harness and snap each end of t-tap harness in correct plug opening. When finished connect power wires to the male plug.(all Cycle Sounds audio systems come pre wired with correct wire colors and terminals). When using this t-tap for any other 12 volt accessory, make sure the red and black wires are snapped into their proper pin connectors. Kit does not come with power terminals for the accessories device. See your local bike dealer for purchase of terminals