Harley-Davidson FLH Accent Panel Installation Manual


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1 Install Accent Panels Note: See hardware list on Page 4 for usage and descriptions. 1.1 Elevate the rear of the vehicle and support with jack stands under the rear differential tubes. 1.2 Remove the rear wheels 1.3 Remove the passenger foot rests. 1.4 Remove front fairing (for wiring later in installation) . 1.5 Install cross brace and frame clamps to frame in the approximate position shown in Figure 1. 1.6 Note orientation of cross brace (Figure 2). Flat side of the brace against bottom of frame tubes. Outboard tabs up and to the rear of the vehicle. 1.7 Leave the bolts loose to allow the bracket’s position to be adjusted later in installation. 1.8 Install front brackets to vehicle between the frame and crash bars as shown, using the supplied hardware (the left side bracket is longer than the right. Figure 3 1.9 Leave the bolts loose to allow the bracket’s position to be adjusted later in installation. 1.10 Position the accent panel to vehicle. Figure 4 1.11 Install supplied hardware to front and cross brackets. Figure 5 &Figure 6 1.12 Leave the bolts loose to allow the accent panel’s position to be adjusted later in installation. 1.13 If not already preinstalled to your accent panel, install rubber bead edge molding between trike body (fender) and accent panel. Bead edge molding 1.14 Clamp the accent panel to the body (fender). Check position of accent panel and ensure proper positioning of bead edge molding. 1.15 Four holes will be drilled though body (fender) and accent panel in the approximate positions shown (both left and right accent panels). Figure 8 Note: Hole location dimension in Figure 8 are approximations. Your drill location may and can vary. Note: Hole position should be as high an possible on the accent panel, allowing space to install hardware 1.16 With accent panel and bead edge molding properly positioned and clamped to body (fender), Drill the two outboard holes in the approximate position shown from inside the fender well through mounting surface of accent panel. Note: Drill outboard hole first and install hardware to reduce risk of accidental movement. Figure 9 1.17 Drill remaining two inboard holes from the accent panel mounting surface through the body (fender). Figure 10 1.18 With both left and right accent panels installed, tighten all hardware at the left and right front mounting positions. 1.19 Trim off excess bead edge molding. 1.20 With left and right front mounting secure, check position and alignment of cross bar and accent panel mid mounts and tighten all hardware. 1.21 With fairing removed, crimp supplied xxx to the black, purple and blues wires of the vehicle’s turn signal wire loom. 1.22 Crimp one of the supplied male spade connectors to the end each wire from the accent panel. 1.23 Connect wiring as indicated in Table 1 below. Accent Panel Wire Color Vehicle Turn Signal Loom Wire Color Yellow Purple (Signal) Orange Blue (Running) Black Black (Ground) Table 1