Motorcycle Security System INSTALLATION MANUAL


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The transceiver is pre-charged at the factory and will operate out of the box but we recommend that it be charge for at least 10 hours when first operated to insure full life of battery. 1. Plug in provided charger into the transceiver. 2. While the transceiver is charging the red status LED will flash twice every two seconds. 3. When transceiver is fully charged no LED will flash. 4. Recharge the transceiver every day to maintain full function. Receiver Status LED Panel The status LED panel provides information about the status of the receiver, memory and the battery level. Receiver on / Memory Trigger Blue LED will flash Receiver on / Low Battery Red LED will flash. Receiver On White LED will flash Range LED Range LED indicates when the transceiver is still with in receiving range of the system. In Range Green LED will flash Out Of range Red LED will flash Operating the transceiver The following instruction assumes that the transceiver is with in range of the motorcycle. Arming Press the #1 button, the siren will chirp 3 times. The transceiver will chirp twice and the white status LED will continuously flash to confirm that the receiver is on. The range LED light will then flash green . System is armed.