Kawasaki ZX6R 2009 Frame Slider Installation and removal Instructions


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1. Remove mid and lower body panels Left and Right. There is a small plastic cover that is mounted over the main engine stud location on the left side. This cover requires a small notch to be cut out of the cover to clear the small end of the left side offset. Remove stock stud and mount the left side offset (with 10 X 1.25 X 60). Using a pencil, trace out the notch that you need to remove to clear the small end of the offset. We used a Dremel tool with a sanding roll and cleaned it up with an exacto knife. We removed a small amount of material at a time checking for clearance each time. The notch will not be visible after the body has been mounted. See photos below: 2. Once you have notched the small left side panel, mount the left side offset but only hand tight. You need to be able to move the offset by hand to its proper location. 3. Mount the left side bodywork and align the offset to the opening in the body. Mount the left side slider on the offset to ensure correct location. There is a flat notch in the slider so the body will clear. Remove the slider and body and torque down the offset to OEM specifications. (see above)
4. Mount the left side panel. Install the slider using one drop of blue thread locker and torque down to 30 to 32 ft lbs.

Kawasaki ZX-14 TITANIUM SIDEWINDER EXHAUST Installation Instructions


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STEP 2: PRE-ASSEMBLE HEADERS, COLLECTOR, AND MID-PIPE TO INSURE PROPER FIT BETWEEN ALL PARTS: Brock’s Performance pre-assembles the exhaust system before it is shipped to your door. We ask you to this to insure there were no shipping damages incurred before you start disassembling your bike. A lot of our customers use WD-40 applied to the joints to ease assembly, adjustment, and/or disassembly. STEP 3: REMOVE ZX-14 RIGHT AND LEFT DASHBOARDS : The right and left dashboards are held in place by three fasteners (Figure 4) which are removed with a No. 4 hex head wrench. Note that all dashboard and fairing fasteners have thin plastic washers located between the fastener head and the plastic body work. Be careful to save the plastic washers. To avoid losing fasteners and washers it is recommended that the installer place them in a container once they are removed. STEP 4: REMOVE ZX-14 LOWER FAIRING : The lower fairing consists of separate right and left side panels, both of which should be removed. The locations of the bolts and plastic push pins holding the fairing in place are illustrated in Figure 5. Details are provided below. • The plastic push pins is located in the front of the fairing (3) , aft of the front tire, and holds the left and right panels together. Remove the plastic push pins using a thin blade screw driver to lift the rivet head. Then pull the rivet from the bodywork. This will release the right panel from the left panel. • Remove the lower fairing fasteners & washers (1 & 2) on the right fairing panel with a No. 5 hex head wrench. • Remove the upper fairing fasteners & washers (4, 5, & 6) on the right fairing panel with a No. 4 hex head wrench. • Note that the top of the fairing incorporates slots into which hooks at the bottom of the mid fairing (red bodywork) fit. These hooks are shown in Figure 8. Pull the bottom of the lower fairing panel away from the bike and then downward to clear the hooks from the slots. The right side lower fairing should now separate easily from the mid-fairing. • Repeat for the left side lower fairing

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Honda RC51 2000-2005 SBK Undertail Kit INSTALLATION


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Carefully remove the tail section body work. Save all bolts, washers and plastic rivets for re-installation of tail. Disconnect and remove the brake light (with all mounting grommets and washers), license plate and turn signals, key lock (with clip) and move all wiring out of the cutting areas. Remove the two bolts at the rear end of the stock fender (inside glove box) to allow the end to hang down for cutting Using a “Dremel” tool or cutting disc (this can also be done using a sharp edged knife, but is not recommended), remove the plastic shown in the photos to the above and below. Your subframe may be different but the cutting position is the same on all years. Be sure to take your time cutting, so that you don’t cut away any more plastic than necessary Replace all bodywork with fasteners loosely installed, mount undertail,
notice at bottom of the tray there are 2 holes, mark and remove tray, then drill holes in battery box 6) Inset lock into undertail using stock lock mounting clip, make sure the lock is in the correct position with the lock cable arm to function
properly. Insert undertail left side first, then right side, be carefull not to crack or scratch undertail. Use your stock plastic screw rivets to hold undertail in place. Attach lock cable to lock, check movement, adjust if necessary. Tighten all hardware on tail section, attach seat. * After this modification your undertail is not returnable. Paint is not war-
rantied against paint chips, flaking or scratches from installation or rocks being thrown from tire into the tray.
6) *Install license plate brackets to back side of license plate as shown. Now hold license plate in desired location on undertail, carefully mark and drill holes, install using the two (2) sets of allen bolts and lock nuts

Ducati Hypermotard Large Fuel Tank Installation Instructions


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REMOVING THE OEM FUEL TANK GO FOR A RIDE The best way to remove fuel from your original fuel tank is to RIDE your bike. You should already be familiar with how low you can go and the less fuel that’s in your tank before you start means the less mess you make when draining it. HM69 Fuel Tank Installation Instructions This manual is provided for marketing and informational purposes only and is a guide to assist experienced motorcycle technicians with the installation of the HM69 fuel tank. This installation involves gasoline. Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance regarding the HM69 fuel tank can cause property damage, personal injury or death. At-home Do-It-Yourself mechanics should not install the HM69 fuel tank if you are uncertain of your ability to properly install it and refer the installation to an authorized Ducati service department. ! REMOVE THE SEAT Remove the seat bolt at the rear of the seat with a 4mm hex key. To remove the seat, grasp both sides of the seat, lift the rear of the seat slightly, and pull the seat to the rear of the bike. The front of the seat engages onto bolts on either side of the fuel tank and can be stubborn. THIS KIT ALSO CONTAINS: © 2009 California Cycleworks, Inc. Questions? Email orders@ca-cycleworks.com 1
REMOVE THE BODYWORK The tank cover is fi rst. Remove the fuel fi ller cap and then the 4 screws you see: 2 near the front of the cover and the two aside the fi ller neck. Lift up on the forward portion of the cover and move the entire cover rearward so that the back of the cover is away from the retaining contour on the fuel tank. SIDE PANELS Remove the right side panel’s inner cover using a large coin. Both left and right side covers are retained by 3 screws with 4mm hex heads. Remove the 2 screws on the side of the tank (which were revealed with the removal of the seat). While holding the side covers to support them, remove the bottom screw. The left side cover pulls away naturally – take care not to drop the cover as the tool kit is housed inside of it, adding unexpected weight