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INSTALLATION Model Years 2001-2007 1. Refer to Owner’s Manual and remove seat. 2. Remove stock plastic cruise control cable clip from frame near end of fuel tank if equipped. 2 1 is04321a 1. Mounting Strap Assembly 2. Speed Nuts Figure 1. Install Speed Nuts to Mounting Strap 1 is04324a 1. Mounting Strap Assembly Figure 2. Mounting Strap Location – View of Frame from Above with Seat Removed 1 3 2 4 5 6 is04546a 1.3/4 in. long button head screw and 1 in. OD flat washer 2.7/8 in. long button head screw, P-clamp and 1 in. OD flat washer 3. Well nut, 3/4 in. long button head screw and 3/4 in. OD flat washer 4. U-clip 5. Right side deflector 6. Left side deflector Figure 3. Fastener Locations – View of Frame Rearward of Rear Cylinder, Engine Removed for Clarity 3. See Figure 1. Assemble speed nuts (2) to both ends of mounting strap (1) and align edges of nuts to angled ends of strap. -J04399 4. See Figure 2. Install mounting strap assembly (1) through window of frame. Position strap so speed nuts are aligned over the 1/4 inch diameter holes in frame as shown. 5. See Figure 3. Attach strap assembly to frame using a 3/4 inch length button head screw (1) and the 7/8 inch length button head screw (2) by inserting them from the underside of frame plate. Tighten screws enough to keep strap from moving and prevent it from shifting position during deflector installation. 6. Insert well nut (3) into underside of frame plate. Apply liquid soap to the outer surface of the well nut to ease installation. 7. Remove 3/4 inch screw (1), then position right side deflector as shown and secure with the 3/4 inch screw and 1 inch washer. Do not tighten. 8. Install screw and small washer (3). Do not tighten. 9. Firmly push the deflector against the outer side of frame and tighten screws to 25-35 in-lbs (2.8-3.9 Nm) . 10. Remove left side mounting strap screw (2). 11. Install cable clamp (Figure 5, Item 9) to cruise control cable (if equipped). 12. See Figure 3. Insert screw through cable clamp (if necessary), washer (2) and left side deflector (6) and install to mounting strap speed nut. Firmly push deflector against outside of rail and tighten screw to 25-35 in-lbs (2.8-3.9 Nm) .